We can provide your agency with the quality assurance and training components it may be missing, just as we have with more than 100 providers across the state of Texas. We conduct full audits and help providers prepare for annual survey and billing audits. We can also:

  • Assist with plans of correction/corrective action plans
  • Identify and propose solutions for billing errors and omissions
  • Develop or refine policies and procedures, employee handbooks, employee training and orientation packets
  • Provide resource information, customize forms and complete LON packets.
  • Develop Marketing Materials, Strategies, and Assistance with Development of Website Material/Information
  • Directive Inservice Trainings:   On-site or Off-site as part of your Corrective Action Plans/Plan of Corrections
  • SAMA (Satori Alternative For Managing Aggression) :  on-site only- train your staff in these methods
  • New[1]If you are a new provider or even a current provider and you need assistance with development of marketing material for your website and/or assistance with development of a company brochure, please feel free to contact us.  We often help both new and current providers with putting their websites and brochures together.  In this day and age marketing is key to ensuring consumers/individuals and their families along with others looking for IDD services and resources, understand what you and your company are about and any areas that you may specialize in, so feel free to contact us for assistance.choice[1]“What do I do next?”  If you would like to become an HCS, HCS-Microboard, or TXHML provider and need help with the application process, studying for taking provider test when application is approved, developing policies and procedures for new HCS, TXHML, or if you have purchased an ICF/IID program &/or need help with marketing your program, and “start-up”, please contact us!
  • In addition, we provide hands-on training for case managers, nurses, program administrators, billing personnel and QIDPs.  We offer services in the following areas:

“Satori Alternative to Managing Aggression (SAMA)”


For IDD Waiver Providers, Family Members, and Day Hab Providers

Stacie Coligan/IDD Consultant & Certified SAMA instructor (by Satori Learning Designs)presents a 2-day (16 hr) certification course in SAMA!

Includes Certificates!

Day 1:    9 AM to 4 PM  

Day 2:    9 AM to 4 PM                                                                                                                                                         
Location:  We come to your location upon request!  
You must have room for the class as there will be some physical practice sessions.  No more than 8 persons allowed in each session!
Class:  Must participate for 2 days, to receive SAMA training certificate! 
Cost:  $300/person  (includes 2 days)
(please contact us for discounted rates for family members/group rates)
Who Should Attend: 
Direct Care Staff (Group Home, Host Home Provider, Foster Parent, Day Hab Providers, PAS/HAB Providers, etc…) Parents, Family Members, & Any other Staff who may be working directly with individuals with aggressive behaviors.
Participants learn safe and least restrictive interventions designed to help manage an individual in crisis until they can regain physical and emotional control. Great emphasis is placed on early verbal intervention (the Assisting Process).  The Assisting Process is role-played in all class interactions and is demonstrated in all four programs.  Using the Facilitator Manual and SAMA videos, a certified facilitator leads participants through skills practice followed by performance assessments at the conclusion of each program, which are:

  • Principles and Assisting Process
  • Protection of Self and Others
  • Containment
  • Object Retrieval

The SAMA certification course is 16 hours (2 days) and participants who demonstrate competency in all skills will be certified.  SAMA meets all critical attributes as defined in TBSI (Texas Behavior Support Initiative) for verbal and physical de-escalation.

SAMA Assisting Process- The SAMA Assisting Process course is designed to assist staff in providing effective verbal intervention for individuals in emotional crisis, guiding them verbally until they can regain emotional control.  Participants will learn how anger affects the body, thoughts and perceptions; the necessity of being calm, aware and respectful toward a person who is in crisis; and how to identify the characteristics they must demonstrate in order to effectively assist a person with his/her anger.  Using the Facilitator Manual and SAMA videos, a certified facilitator leads participants through skills practice followed by performance assessments. The 5 basic principles of the Assisting Process are:

  • Take the Person Seriously
  • Join and Follow to Lead
  • Take Action to Get a Beneficial Reaction
  • Proceed Step by Step
  • Act Without Hesitation

The SAMA Assisting Process course is a one-day course and participants who demonstrate competency in all areas will be certified in the SAMA Assisting (Verbal De-escalation) Process.

If you only want the one-day course of SAMA Assisting Process for being certified in (Verbal De-escalation) Process, please let us know.  

Cost for one-day course is $150 per person.

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