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Twogether Consulting has served as consultants to both HCS, TXHML, &  ICF providers statewide, assisting them in areas of personnel training, quality assurance, survey and audit preparation and recovery, level of need increases, development of policies and procedures, plans of correction, billing errors and omissions. We also hold classes statewide for nurses, care coordinators, QIDP’s, program administrators, quality assurance staff, as well as “on-site only” classes for direct care.seo resell

With combined experience of more than 50 years serving individuals with developmental disabilities in both the public and private sectors, Twogether Consulting is here to help you as HCS, ICF/IID and TXHML providers build a more successful business while improving your quality of service delivery to the individuals in your program.

Upcoming Events

9:30 am Live 2-Day Training: “Expectatio... @ Harris Center For Mental Health & IDD Services
Live 2-Day Training: “Expectatio... @ Harris Center For Mental Health & IDD Services
Feb 26 @ 9:30 am – Feb 27 @ 3:30 pm
Live 2-Day Training: "Expectations of The Nurse In The HCS/TxHmL Programs" Houston, Tx @ Harris Center For Mental Health & IDD Services
Previously Scheduled For Jan.2024/ Now Moved to Feb. 26th & 27th, 2024  “ Expectations of the Nurse In The HCS/TxHmL Program”   2024   Date: February 26th & 27th, 2024    Time: Day 1:  9:30 AM-4:30 PM [...]

Provider Applicants

We help HCS/TxHmL Provicer applicants at all stages of the process. We can help:

  • If you’re just getting started
  • You’ve received coorespondence from HHSC
  • You need corrections to your application
  • You’ve received a notice of acceptance of applications
  • You’ve received notice of PAO
  • You’ve passed your PAO test
  • You’re received your letter of licensure.
  • You want to apply for the Mental Health HCS waiver program

Providers In Crisis

Notify us immediately if you need assistance with your Corrective Action Plans CAP’s/POC’s and evidence of corrections. Do not wait!

The minute the surveyor walks out of the facility, or even if you know prior to them leaving that you will need DIT’s, POC’s, CAP’s, or other assistance, contact us immediatly.  Your time period for response is limited!

A successful Corrective Action Plan involves many steps and these do take time. We need to ensure that you’re successful, and need to be able to work with you to:

  • Review your tags and citations
  • Develop your Corrective Action Plan
  • Provide training
  • Delivery and measure Quality Assurance
  • Plan around holidays and other calendaring issues

Provider Training

For over 15 years, Twogether Consulting has been delivering the best training in the state of Texas for HCS, ICF, and other providers.  We provide the best assistance you can find with training, survey preparation, billing preparation, policy and procedure development, and provider marketing.

Julie Blacklock, our founder and owner, has been an owner of an HCS program and understands the cost of running a program and the limited financial return sometimes for the amount of service the facility is expected to provide. As a provider yourself, you can trust us to deliver the best services at the lowest price.

Twogether Updates

For those of you with a Venmo account, we do now accept payments via Venmo, as well as Paypal now:  Our Venmo address once you log in is @Twogether2004

Please don’t forget to read our “Updates” page on the website. This is where we post anything new from HHSC and anything going on with Twogether Consulting. Just click on the search bar for a particular topic otherwise posts are in dated order.  It is fairly easy to navigate from one “post” to the other. If you want to read more on each section, just click on “read more”.  See updates postings below

ICF/IID Updates

February 25th, 2024 New Reporting Process for ANE Reporting & Investigations for ICF/IID Program HHSC 2/23/2024 Notice:   HHSC has released a new letter of guidance regarding the revised ANE reporting process to CII and the ANE investigation process for ICF/IID. ...

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HHSC IDD Operations Portal For Providers-2024 Update

February 23rd, 2024 Packet/Documentation Submission Details The most efficient mode of submission for HCS/TxHmL documentation is through the IDD Operations Portal. To learn how to register and use the IDD Operations Portal or for answers to any questions, please visit...

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