Here you will find various resources and agencies that will help you build and grow your practice, and better serve your clients.

Eric Dodd on Digital Transformation

Here is a recording of our latest free webinar presented by Eric Dodd VP of Sales from Taskmaster Pro (TMP)

Watch Digital Transformation Webinar

In this workshop, Eric covers how you can improve your workflows, compliance, and billing with simple tools for your staff. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be disruptive to your business. In fact, you should be using technology to grow and improve efficiency.  Applying the intricacies of the IDD market to a software platform can be both easy and effective.  Come learn about a myriad of topics including: – Simplify SDLs – Task/Time management for DSPs – Documentation automation – Incident Management – Training & Compliance Don’t settle for a ‘data in and data out application’ that will only frustrate your staff and add more complexity to your already cumbersome reporting requirements.  Grow your business, improve staff retention, and increase profitability with effective digital transformation

We hope to have a part II soon to spend more time discussing SDL’s, Time management , and Incident Management using electronic records.


State Agencies

The Texas Quality Matters website was developed by the Center for Policy and Innovation at the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, now Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC). Staff in the Quality Assurance and Improvement unit are responsible for various quality assurance and improvement projects to support HHSC long term services and supports programs as well as providing information about quality improvement initiatives. This website will be our way to provide information to you.


Statewide Home Modification
Austin Area Home Modification
  • Travis County Housing Services
  • City of Austin Barrier Removal Program – “The Architectural Barrier Removal (ABR) Program modifies the homes of seniors and people with disabilities who have limited income and would like their homes more accessible. These accessibility modifications help clients remain in their homes longer and live with a greater degree of independence. All services are free to eligible persons.”
Ft. Worth Area Home Modification

Tarrant County Housing Partnership, Inc. American Disability Act (ADA) Architectural Barrier Removal Program

For persons needing Minor Home Mods. for persons owning their own home in Tarrant County

  • Must be a low income Tarrant County Resident
  • Must be located in Tarrant County
  • Must be physically disabled (documented by physician)
  • Must own your home
  • Must have a specific existing barrier in home
Houston Area Home Modification
  • Center for Independent Living
    Southwest Houston & Angleton. Housing advice, assistance and counseling for persons with disabilities.
  • Gulf Coast Community Services Association
    Multiple locations. The Home & Safety Security Program conducts homes inspections for elderly persons or persons with disabilities to check for safety and security concerns. Includes installation of wheelchair ramps, and basic repairs.
  • Home of Your Own Program (HOYO)
    Down payment assistance, home modification funds, and home buying education classes for individuals with disabilities, and their families. Services available in Spanish.
  • Adaptive Access
    “We offer wheelchair accessible home remodeling and modifications in Houston Texas and the surrounding area. Our service begins with a free evaluation of your home. Contact us today to see how our experience in handicap wheelchair accessible home modifications and accessories for the elderly, senior citizen, or physically challenged, remodeling and construction can work for you. We also offer a wide range of accessibility and safety products for your home including a full line of bathroom accessories, grab bars, railings, shower units, shower and tub seats. Custom grab bars and railings is one of our specialties, contact us with your specifications.”
  • Project Mend
    (Medical Equipment Network for the Disabled) – Durable Medical Equipment Loans and Repair. They recycle needed equipment and give it to those in need (on loan until it is no longer needed). There are income requirements and proof of income must be verified. A doctor’s prescription for the equipment must be obtained.
  • Health Equipment Recycling Coalition
    (HERC) – 713-524-1217
    Central. Durable medical equipment loan program.
    OT/PT Rehab services in Houston Area
  • Bay Area Rehabilitation Center (Baytown)
    Adult Day Health Program in Baytown designed for adults who are unable to live independently, with a holistic approach supporting each participant’s capacity for functional independence. Ages 22 and up.

Michelle Garcia, Psy.D. & Associates
Behavioral Support for our individuals with IDD (they will come to you wherever you are)

Sex Education and Healthy Relationships

  • Are you supporting persons who need training on boundaries and social cues?
  • Do you encounter sexually inappropriate behaviors?
  • What are your thoughts on individuals diagnosed with IDD dating?
  • How do we reduce the likelihood of persons with developmental disabilities committing sexual crimes and/or being a victim of sexual crimes?
  • How do we best teach the skills that are involved in having healthy relationships and reducing sexually inappropriate behaviors for individuals of all ages and ability levels?


  • Pegue-Dennis, CPA, P.C.

    “We are a full-service CPA firm licensed in TX. We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals.  We are affordable, experienced, and friendly.”
    400 N. St. Paul Street
    Suite 1040
    Dallas, TX 75201

  • Kristy Cortez CPA PC

    Certified Public Accountant
    10711 Burnett Rd. Ste 305
    Austin, TX 78758

  • Diane Fulmer

    Diane has years of professional accounting experience as well as providing cost reporting and accounting for ICF & HCS Providers. Twogether Consulting continues to receive great feedback from providers receiving her services.
    100 S. Harris St. Suite 120
    Round Rock, TX 78664

  • ADP Small Business Solutions

    We highly recommend ADP for your payroll and employee management needs
    Laura Throneberry
    ADP District Manager
    Austin, Texas

  • Joanalys Smith

    Legal Counselor and Attorney at Law
    Partner at: Smith & Associates Legal Counselors
    Joanalys has presented many times for The Private Provider’s Association of Texas and she is a champion of the Provider of IDD services as well as the individuals themselves. She understands the needs of IDD providers and she understands the rules and regulations for these programs. If you have need for a lawyer for assisting you with appealing a decision from HHSC (i.e. Survey, Cost Reporting Audit, Billing Audit, etc.). She is a great resource.

  • Mary Alice Jackson, Esq.

    Assistance  with special needs trust planning, as well as  SSI, SSDI, CDB, Medicaid, and Medicare , guardianship issues, and much more.
    4611 Bee Caves Road
    Suite 307B
    Austin, TX 78746

  • Allumed, Inc.

    This is the medical supplier that we recommend in general, as they are a Medicaid and Medicare provider of DME/Title XIXand deliver to a large area of the state of Texas. They are also specialists in obtaining medical supplies through Title XIX and DME. Serving providers DFW, Temple/Waco, and Austin/San Antonio Area.

    Pam Shawstad
    800-883-3512 ext: 106,
    1103 West Adams
    Temple, TX 76504

  • Pharmacy Alternatives, LLC

    Pharmacy Alternatives is one of the few pharmacies in the nation to specialize in serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). A Certified Developmental Disabilities Nurse is on staff to be a resource for education, training, and other potential practice questions. They have resources for the ongoing education of your staff. They can receive physician orders and dispense medications efficiently. They have a state-of-the art packaging technology especially designed for this population. They provide options in medical records and a responsive, quality medical records team to serve you. They can ship your medications in a timely manner.

    Pharmacy Alternatives provides services in Texas and in 15 other states.
    Paul Delomel, R.PH.
    Director of Pharmacy Alternatives, Texas

  • City Special Pharmacy

    City Special Pharmacy has a dedicated team of specialists that will be committed to your staff and residents/consumers:

    • Pharmacist
    • Pharmacy technicians assigned to your Facility to provide better continuity of care
    • Free delivery
    • Free FedEx shipping
    • Pharmacy Review Specialist

    Konni Eastin

  • Edward R.Staffel DDS & Mark J. Williamson DDS

    Sedation Dentistry

    I am so pleased to put this dental clinic on our resources page.Dr. Edward Staffel, DDS and his team are amazing and yes, I am an actual patient! So I can truly say this is the best dentist I have ever gone to.  I drive from Austin to San Antonio to see them, that is how much I love the dentists and staff.  One of the amazing things about Dr. Staffel is that he doesn’t just “work on your teeth”, so to speak, he is looking at the whole person. He know that the teeth and good care of your teeth are the key to much of our overall good health. He really uses a very holistic approach. Dr. Staffel and his team provide dentistry in a comfortable, relaxed environment and they practice sedation using the least restrictive method needed. This is especially helpful with our individuals with IDD who may be very anxious and stressed about dental visits and procedures. This office currently sees many of our individuals with special needs in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Not to mention their prices are extremely reasonable!Julie Blacklock - Owner of Twogether Consulting

    For the past 15 years Dr. Staffel has hosted a weekly radio show, “Your Smile Matters”, on KTSA. The show covers dental and whole health topics ranging from laser dental treatment, to oral supplements, to concierge medicine.  Check it out!

    San Antonio, Boerne, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Uvalde

  • Disability Dental Services

    Dental Services for Special Needs Persons in the Dallas area
    107 North Cedar Ridge Dr #100
    Duncanville, Texas 75116

  • Goehring Dental

    Dr. Goehring is a wonderful advocate for persons with special needs/intellectual & developmental disabilities. He is incredibly aware of the importance of dental care with our IDD population and he has always been willing to work with providers to help our consumers with affordable rates. Goehring Dental is able to provide most dental care including procedures involving sedation. The staff is wonderful-friendly, incredibly understanding, and they have a lot of experience with individuals who may have behavioral needs to address during dental procedures. Julie Blacklock - Owner of Twogether Consulting

    Dennis P. Goehring DD
    3421 W. William Cannon Dr. Austin, TX


Sammy’s House

Sammy’s House

Sammy's House Logo
2415 Twin Oaks Drive
Austin, Texas 78757

Sammy’s House is a nonprofit organization that provides innovative services for children who are medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed. Our mission is to fill the gaps in services for these underserved children by creating programs that help children and families thrive through education, high quality early childhood programming, parent education and community education on tolerance and recognizing the value and capabilities of all persons.Sammy’s House thrives on improving the quality of life for children with special needs. We are currently focusing on creating or improving our educational intervention programs.

Our specialized curriculum offers a hands-on approach to learning. An emphasis has been placed on science, math, and literacy which will bridge the achievement gap typically seen in children with special needs while building a foundation for communication.Sammy’s House serves approximately 250 children per year.

Many of the children we serve have multiple physical and/or cognitive disabilities. 

Sammy’s House operates a child development center and a respite care program. The Sammy’s House model of care and educational invention utilizes assessments and personalized curriculum to bridge the gap in academic success for children with special needs. This model also supports children who are in protective care allowing them time and support to recover from various life experiences and transitions.

Sammy’s House has served over 4,500 children since inception. In addition, our extended care giving hour allows parents to gain and/or maintain employment. Our affordable childcare rates and flexible business model invites children on subsidy and/or scholarships to attend allowing Sammy’s House to reach out to families who are economically challenged. 

Sammy’s House has no restrictions on enrollment, accepting students with a wide breadth of diagnosis to attend. Our respite care program provides care outside of normal childcare hours to give parents a break in care to prevent potential abuse and neglect.

Book: Hospice Whispers: Stories of Life

Hospice Whispers: Stories of Life

by: Dr. Rev. Carla Cheatham (from Buckner Village Hospice

Dr. Rev. Carla Cheatham is on a mission to help folks better understand hospice and fear it less.
Hospice is actually a wonderful and often much needed resource for our individuals with special needs and their families.
HCS and ICF Providers often forget that they can access Hospice as a resource for the individuals they work with and their families and many do not understand when and why they might need to access hospice for their individuals with special needs.
RH2 Consulting

RH2 Consulting

RH2’s services feature Policy Studies, Program Evaluation, Outreach Activities, Healthcare Funding, Research Support, Management Efficiency Studies/ Performance Reviews, Healthcare Fraud/ Overpayment Studies.

RH2’s goal is to provide its clients with real help. If you need a topic researched to advocate, educate or motivate we can help. We make it our business to understand your goals so that at the end of the day you don’t have just a report, you have information you can put to use.Since July 2003, RH2 has been providing public policy consulting services to both public and private sector clients. Whether you’re a state government with an operations problem, an organization trying to resolve a thorny public policy issue, a non-profit evaluating your programs, a hospital or other agency dealing with health care funding or issues of the uninsured, RH2 has the expertise to provide you with real help.Website for more information:

Robin Herskowitz