Satisfied Customers

Since December 2004, Twogether Consulting, Ltd. has had the pleasure of serving nearly 100 providers, both HCS and ICF/MR, either through our classes or through ongoing contracts. We are very proud that we’ve been able to contribute to the success of these providers and also very grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many dedicated people.

I would highly recommend Twogether Consulting for staff development training. Julie Blacklock and her Associates have provided training to Community Healthcore’s QIDP, Nurses, Case Managers and Management staff. We continue to improve in the delivery of services due to the training provided by Julie and her Associates. The small group settings, knowledgeable instructors and excellent training material has enriched our knowledge of ICF, HCS and Texas Home Living programs. The staff of Twogether Consulting remain knowledgeable and relevant because they continue to increase in knowledge by attending conferences and seminars to share information with those who receive their training. I highly recommend Twogether Consulting for any new or existing projects it will be time and money well spent.

Sandra Taylor

IID Director, Community Healthcore

Our organization has used Twogether Consulting for the past 7 years. We send all of our service coordinators and nurses through their two day training. With their classroom training and our on the job training we usually have no deficiencies on our annual DADS surveys. As soon as we hire someone new, I call Julie to see when her next class is available in Houston. It’s nice that our staff doesn’t necessarily have to travel to Austin for this training. With all of the budget cuts through the past year, it saves our company a lot of training dollars having the training close to home. I would recommend sending all of your service coordinators and nursing staff through these classes within a few months of their hire date It’s nice to have the staff know some of the HCS terminology and forms before sending them to the classroom training. We feel our company benefits greatly from their information and consultant work.

Terry Briggs, M.S Ed.

Program Director, Special Recreation Services

Don’t go without training from Twogether Consulting if you plan to become a provider. Julie is so knowledgeable about rules and regulations and how to do things that I don’t know what I would have done without her training.
Martha Moyer

Seth Moyer Support Microboard, Inc

Twogether Consulting has helped bring my staff up to speed on the services and functionality of the programs under the provider services and went in depth to answer all questions as needed.

Parimal Kabira

Special Recreation Services

Twogether Consulting’s training ‘HCS Care Coordination and Implementation Planning’ provided Twin Visions Corporation an excellent jump start as we prepared to become a contracted HCS provider. For new providers and case managers, the opportunity to ask questions and clarify program details in a small group environment is invaluable. Instructor Julie Blacklock was knowledgeable and has helped to answer follow-up questions after our program launch. The seminar manual shares our reference shelf with DADS handbooks and guidelines and serves as a highly useful resource of examples and tools.

Lisa Hill Sostack

Program Director, Twin Visions Corporation

The training provided was fantastic. It gave my staff all the tools needed to provide the best services needed to our individuals and accomplish our Mission Statement of “Working together to improve lives”. We had Twogether Consulting train our staff in Case Management and nursing and our staff feel like they have the knowledge to be successful at their jobs. It is a great feeling for our staff as well as our management team.

Stephanie Hilton-Yates

Program Director, IDD Provider Services, Burke Center

I would highly recommend Twogether Consulting for staff development training, policy development and ongoing QA. We have been very successful in delivering HCS services in part to the consulting and training we received from Twogether Consulting. Our Casemanagers and Nurses have participated in their classes resulting in a more efficient delivery system and far less recoupment issues during the billing audits. Twogether Consulting continued the process with onsite visits which allowed their team to continue training our staff in our environment. They have also given input into the ICF/HCS web-based software tracking program we developed to help generate efficiencies for providers.

Larry Hill

CEO, Hill Resources Inc.

Your work with Providers is so important to have all of the Principals & mandates from the state to be done like they want them & to be done properly! Our staff at The Sean Ashley House have always loved their trainings & got so much of them. Well worth it to stay in compliance with the state. NO one can sit down with the paperwork & perform what the state wants without your trainings!

I endorse Julie Blacklock, owner of Twogether Consulting, as an excellent source for training employees on all state mandates that Providers must be in compliance with. The company I founded, The Sean Ashley House, uses Twogether Consulting to train new employees, e.g., nursing, case manager, etc. This company also works to prepare Providers for state audits.

Gretchen Wilson

Founder, The Sean Ashley House

Our agency used Julie Blacklock and her Associate in several occasions in the past. They were very knowledgeable in the field of IDD and help my agency to collect several thousand dollars by putting together appropriate information for changing level of needs for our consumers. They also trained my staff in several subjects that they have to deal with every day. At the end we were one happy family. I wish we could afford them more often. I do recommend them to anyone in our field

Sousan Kayhani

Vice President, Evergreen Ministries

Southern Concepts Inc. is very happy with the training that “Twogether Consulting” provides for our nurses, case managers (or whatever they will be called in June), and QMRPs. We try to send new professionals to their training as soon as we can and our staff indicates that the materials provided will be useful for years to come. Recently, I attended a nurses training course to get a better understanding of nursing in the HCS program. I was delighted with the materials and training and came away with useful information to help me as I endeavor to direct our programming. My professionals feel free to call the Twogether folks with questions and the new web pages will help keep us current.

Claudia P Southern MEd, LPC, QMRP

Program Manager, Southern Concepts

Julie’s knowledge of the field and hands on experience qualifies her as a top Consultant. She has assisted us in preparing for the HCS Program, auditing, and on-going consultation both on-site and off in various areas. She stays up-to-date on current regulatory issues and that is important to us. We will not use anyone else.

Leon Johnson

Hill Resources & Living Resources

Julie has always provided great classes and has exceptional knowledge in this field. She has always answered all my questions and has been available. I would recommend her services.

Terri Maurer

Reaching Maximum Independence

As the owner of a new HCS Program, I was so happy that I attended both the HCS Nursing and HCS Case Management classes through Twogether Consulting, Limited. I learned so much from both classes. There really is nothing else like these classes out there for training to providers. I was so pleased with what I learned that I hired Twogether Consulting to help me with the complete “Start-Up” process for my HCS program policies and procedures, forms (customized for my program), processes to monitor billing and reimbursement, etc. Cyndy and Julie continue to be a great resource to me and can always be reached for assistance.

Ify Obi

RN/ Director, Gevil Heath Services

Your class was one of the most beneficial trainings I have ever attended. It covered all areas of HCS and it was appropriate for directors, case managers and nurses alike. I plan to send all my new staff to this training!

Ashley Erickson

Program Director, Houston Region Volunteers of America

Sending our new Case Manager to your training was the best thing we ever did. She learned more in your seminar than I could have taught her in six months. Please keep up the good work.

Mary Ann Goodall

J-MAG Enterprises, LLC.

After careers in nursing and years as a hospital and health care director (and also as a Real Estate broker) I became a QMRP Administrator at a wonderful ICFMR home– Homes of Todd and Friends in White Settlement,Texas. I instantly learned that the business of Qs has it’s own language. I don’t know what I would have done without the help of Twogether and Julie Blacklock’s translation! The classes they have provided helped to get me started and the individual consulting even more focused and essential! Marty Ringler QMRP, Homes of Todd and Friends.

Marty Ringler

QMRP, Homes of Todd and Friends

I worked for a company that hired Julie and her company to assist us with getting ready for our HCS Survey. Julie was very helpful in helping us get ready for our survey. Julie is very knowledgeable in what we needed in our books and how it should read. She was a great help in preparing for our survey.
Mariann Chavez

Case Manager

Julie is highly competent in the field of consulting and training staff who work in the health and human services arena; specifically Home and Community Services a Medicaid Waiver Program. Her expertise has high results in meeting the Dept. of Aging and Disabilities Administrative Code and Billing guidelines. I highly recommend her.

Mary Magana

Case Manager, All The Little Things Count

Julie laid a solid foundation with our QMRP’s, Case Coordinators and Nurse’s that I could build upon. Her services provided me an efficient path to a high level of effectiveness.

Ken Gray

Kenmar Residential Services

Julie and her team were life-savers! Their extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and willingness to help with a variety of tasks and issues in multiple locations, often at a moment’s notice was irreplaceable. I couldn’t have done my job without them.

Gretchen Block

Bethesda Lutheran Services

I’ve used Julie at two different companies I worked for. Her work helped us improve the quality of care we provide to people and improved our revenue stream.

Peter Henning

Beautiful Abilities

Sometimes you get lucky. I needed to find a consultant quickly for a Texas consulting proposal. I had the good luck to find Twogether Consulting. I hired Twogether as a subcontractor to provide subject matter expertise on services for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD).

Twogether and Julie Blacklock’s team proved to be as personable as they were professional. The timeline for this project was extremely tight and the expectations for the final product were very high. Julie’s team met every expectation and deadline.

Further, the project required extensive travel and flexibility from everyone involved. Fortunately, Julie and team were willing to accommodate changes in travel dates and locations. During the project they provided invaluable insights into state operations, policies and rules.

I would highly recommend Twogether Consulting and Julie Blacklock for their expertise, professionalism, and willingness to be team players.

Robin Herskowitz

President and Owner, RH2 Consulting

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