HCS Services

Home and Community Based (HCS) Services

Our On-Site Services: (receive a 10% discount for an initial on-site visit!)
Allow you to contract with one or more consultants to come to your facility on a one-time, an as-needed or an on-going basis. We are very flexible and are willing to customize our services to meet your agency’s needs. Through our on-site visits, we will be able to:

  • Provide hands-on training to care coordinators, nurses, program administrators and quality assurance personnel, direct care
  • Provide quality assurance by auditing charts and other records and providing written feedback regarding errors and/or omissions along with recommendations on how to make corrections
  • Complete LON increase packets for submission to DADS
  • Assist in preparing for annual or return surveys and audits
  • Assist with HCS plans of correction
  • Identify and propose solutions for billing errors and omissions
  • Develop or refine policies and procedures, New Hire Forms and Orientation packets and customized forms for new and existing provider
  • Provide resource information
  • Develop Nursing Services Policies & Protocols as well as Nursing Peer Review Process as appropriate.
  • New[1]If you are a new provider or even a current provider and you need assistance with development of marketing material for your website and/or assistance with development of a company brochure, please feel free to contact us.  We often help both new and current providers with putting their websites and brochures together.  In this day and age marketing is key to ensuring consumers/individuals and their families along with others looking for IDD services and resources, understand what you and your company are about and any areas that you may specialize in, so feel free to contact us for assistance.

    choice[1]“What do I do next?”  If you would like to become an HCS, HCS-Microboard, or TXHML provider and need help with the application process, studying for taking provider test when application is approved, developing policies and procedures for new HCS, TXHML, or if you need help with marketing your program, and “start-up”, please contact us!

To schedule a visit to your facility, please contact Julie Blacklock

Our Off-Site Services
Enable you to contract with us by the hour to provide services via email, telephone and fax so that we may:

  • Hold Q&A sessions regarding HCS rules, regulations and procedures as well as advice on handling specific, special situations
  • Review annual and update Implementation Plans, other records and provide recommendations
  • Develop or refine policies and procedures, orientation packets and customize forms
  • Assist with plans of correction
  • Provide resource information

Off-site Services Options

Our courses:
We offer courses in HCS care coordination, HCS nursing, quality assurance practices and documentation training for direct care personnel. All of our courses are designed to help individuals gain a working knowledge of the programs, develop the skills and abilities they need to meet state standards and increase efficiency in managing their caseloads. If you are interested in hosting a class for providers in your area please contact us. In exchange for hosting a class, your agency will receive a discount for your staff to attend.

  • HCS Care Coordination & Implementation Planning
  • Introduction to HCS Nursing
  • RN Delegation in the HCS Program
  • The Dynamics of HCS Documentation
  • Interpretation of HCS Billing Guidelines
  • Survey & Billing Preparation & Quality Assurance
  • Having A Successful Surveyor Interview


To  see basic “off-site” services rates, or purchase basic “off-site” services, click on the following link:   Off-site Services   Please contact us by phone or email, prior to purchasing “off-site” services.

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Satisfied Customers

Since December 2004, Twogether Consulting, Ltd. has had the pleasure of serving nearly 100 providers, both HCS and ICF/MR, either through our classes or through ongoing contracts. We are very proud that we’ve been able to contribute to the success of these providers and also very grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many dedicated people. We would like to share with you some of the comments from providers we’ve worked with thus far.

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