January 18th, 2024

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The Texas IDD billing process through TMHP has been burdening providers since its inception. HCS, TxHmL and ICF providers have been plagued with denied claims, decreased revenue, and inefficiencies in tracking and reporting.

In this video below (Hosted by Twogether Consulting 1/18/24), Millin addresses a range of best-practice topics to help you stay on top of your Texas HCS, TxHmL and ICF billing. They share the functionality they have built into the MillinPro software and their internal process that has led us to an incredible 99.2% collection rate on all eligible claims.

Millin aims to simplify the billing process by bypassing much of the manual work you need to do on TMHP.

Millin aims to automate most of the process with features that include eligibility checks, batch submission capabilities, issue-tracking and a library of reports designed to replace the R+S functions of TMHP.

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Texas Webinar Powerpoint for Twogether – January 2024

Twogether Consulting hopes that this has been a great resource for HCS/TxHmL/ICF providers.  Mention that you are a client of Twogether Consulting for a 50% discount on all initial implementation fees.

Did You Know Millin Billing Pro Can Help Providers With TMHP Billing & EVV?

Check Out This Info From Milling Billing Pro.


See the following Vimeo Videos.  If you need billing software or billing services for TMHP and EVV this may be a great option for Texas HCS & TxHmL providers.  They are also ready for the change over to ISS (Individualized Socialization Skills) when March 1st, 2023 comes around.  To request a demo from Millin Billing please go to  Request A Demo

Remember to tell them how you heard about Millin Billing Pro (Twogether Consulting) for a discounted rate.

Millin Billing Pro Video


Management System video from Millin Billing