June 26, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Free Webinar
Meghan Jones

Presented by:  Jonathan Morris, Agency Consultant, with MITC

Free Webinar Series Hosted By: Twogether Consulting

“Scheduling Webinar Presented By MITC For Texas HCS/TxHmL/ICF/ISS Providers”


Twogether Consulting is happy to have Jonathan Morris with, MITC (Staff & Client Solutions), to discuss some of the management solutions they offer providers concerning scheduling and staffing. This session may be of particular interest to those of you who are newly licensed ISS (Individualized skills and socialization) providers in the state of Texas and many of you who may be HCS (Home & Community Based Services) & ICF/IID (Intermediate Care Facilities For Individual With Intellectual Disabilities) providers with group homes. 
MITC’s staff and client solutions are designed for providers working with the IDD population and behavioral health communities. In this presentation, we will also touch on some other services such as EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) solutions from MITC concerning Texas providers.  This is a wonderful resource for IDD service providers and waiver programs. Jonathon is part of our free webinar series for the month of July 2023.
“Established in 1990, MITC is a full-service company providing market-specific solutions backed by world-class implementation, integration, project management, customization, and support services. MITC is an affordable workforce management software system that can help you overcome the challenges facing your organization, and streamline procedures to boost operational productivity.”


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Scheduling in ICF, HCS, TxHml and ISS programs

Learn more about staff scheduling for I/DD providers

Download these Fact Sheets on Scheduling

Encouraging employees to request extra hours

-How to manage shift swapping


-Integrating mySchedules with Kronos and other Time and Attendance systems

-Client Scheduling

-Integrating maps and mileage into scheduling

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Jonathan Morris

Senior Agency Consultant, With MITC

P: 240.656.9892

E: JonathanM@MITCSoftware.com

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Learn more about some of their other solutions.  Links included below:

    MITC has helped hundreds of agencies throughout the US and Canada successfully implement time & attendance systems. Thousands of managers, staff, and clients use MITC Time & Attendance every day.


    Staff & Client Scheduling allows agencies to step up manager effectiveness and increase employee satisfaction. Empower managers to deliver more effective results by giving them the information they need to make better scheduling decisions.


    Each state in the USA operates different systems for billing. Regardless of the complexity of your state’s billing system, MITC allows providers to submit billing data electronically, eliminating the need for data entry and the risk of data entry errors.



or Visit our website:  www.twogetherconsulting.com and click on the Free Webinar calendar

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