Last Friday HHSC posted the following CARE banner:  Due to the 09/01/2019 HCS rate increase, service authorizations are being updated to ensure they are in line with their corresponding IPCs. This will not cause any payment changes.
Upon inquiry as to what this meant, Holly Lindsey, UR, HHSC provided the explanation below.  Hopefully the explanation and guidance will be of assistance to you should an action (revision, renewal or transfer) be taken on an IPC which prompts a notice that the IPC exceeds the cost cap.
Message from Holly Lindsey:  Since the effective dates of the rate increases, providers have been paid at the appropriate rate for the corresponding service. However, the C62 and C72 screens do not update until a provider takes an action on the IPC that was effected. This can be a revision, a renewal, or a transfer. That is why providers are suddenly seeing “Exceeds” messages in CARE for the same services that were under the 100% capitation rate ($83,734) previously. The services cost more so the total cost is higher. This actually occurred months ago with the rate increase, however, it takes an action on the IPC for it to update.
Any IPC that is over the $83,734 level requires a packet to be submitted (TAC 9.160(d). However, since we are removing flags to allow for billing during COVID, it is not necessary to send a packet at this time. The next time an action is taken on the IPC, however, an “Exceeds” message will occur again, and CARE will prompt them to send a packet.
Removing the flag is currently a manual process, so providers can contact me (Holly Lindsey) directly through this email for flags related to cost.
Note from Twogether Consulting: If you have tried to enter a renewal on an IPC or IDRC into CARE and you are having problems, remember that IPC’s and IDRC’s are automatically renewed through April 30th, 2020.
For Assistance with either issue:
They can call the main UR # 512-438-5055 or
Holly Lindsey:  512-438-5704;