March 7th, 2022

 (See link below to FAQ’s)

Answers to Additional Questions related to the Migration

  1. Can you clarify the next steps to get providers registered for the billing training? The claims training will be provided from TMHP. Providers need to sign up to receive TMHP alerts as the announcement will come from a TMHP alert. HHSC may send out an alert also, but providers have been missing out on announcements because they do not get TMHP alerts.

  1. What does a provider need to do to ensure communication from TMHP? Subscribe to receive HCS, TxHmL AND TMHP alerts from gov delivery.
  1. Can you clarify the notice that said providers will submit forms through CARE until May 1 – just wasn’t sure if that was accurate or whether there will be a 2 week migration like there was for the March roll-out? There will be a system down time that is necessary to do the data load. The timeframe for this has not been decided but it should be anticipated.

  1. How does the delay of migration impact the PEMS rollout? The two projects are not related. PEMS has been implemented and providers need to sign up through PEMS to ensure their Medicaid enrollment status is up to date.

  1. Even though they are different projects, would Medicaid revalidation issues in PEMs impact TMHP migration? There is no connection or correlation between PEMS account setup and revalidation and ability to create accounts for the migration.

  1. Can we continue to receive updated lists of each members readiness status? TMHP runs reports on a specific timeframe. It is difficult to run an adhoc report for this request. box.

If other questions arise, please submit to: