June 30th, 2024

Town Hall about HCS enrollment requirements in PEMS

Home and Community-based Services (HCS) providers must list their practice locations and billing offices in the Provider Enrollment and Management System (PEMS). Please review the following article which HHSC published on 5/2/2024 for more information:


To help you add or maintain your practice locations in PEMS, the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) is hosting a town hall webinar to discuss how to access PEMS, the requirements for revalidation requests, and adding, completing, or disenrolling practice locations from your enrollment record.

 In addition to all HCS group homes being included on the revalidation application, all Host Homes (regardless of the relationship of the HH service provider to the individual) MUST also be included.  The only locations NOT considered practice locations are those with a residential location of Own Home/Family Home (aka, CFC PAS/HAB).

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The sessions will also be recorded and available on the TMHP website.

Use These Resources

You can also view the following resources to learn more information about PEMS:

  • Information Letter No. 2024-06: Practice Locations in the Home and Community-based Services Program was sent from HHSC to HCS providers on June 18th, 2024.
    • Per this Information Letter, a practice location is defined as follows: “The definition of a practice location refers to a physical location where Medicaid-covered services are provided to beneficiaries. A practice location has a specific physical address where health care services are delivered. This address is used for enrollment and verification purposes. Based on how services are delivered in the HCS program, a host home/companion care (HH/CC) residence, a 3-person residence, or a 4-person residence are each considered a physical location where health care services are provided by a provider or entity that is not a person’s own home or family home.
    • Click the following link to access the complete Information Letter: IL 2024-06 Practice Locations in the HCS Program (texas.gov)
  • Whether the location is family-owned or not, you must add the practice location in the Provider Enrollment and Management System (PEMS) if it is classified as a host home/companion care residence within the Long-Term Care – Online Portal.


If you require any assistance adding Practice Locations within PEMS or have questions about the webinars, please send an email indicating such to provider.relations@tmhp.com.  Provider Relations will contact you to schedule time with a representative who can guide you through adding Practice Locations to your enrollment record.