TMHP & HHSC Response to Common Migration Issues:   Click on link below

TMHP Migration Complaints-HHSC Responses-060222


You can contact TMHP directly to submit your questions/ issues/requests for assistance using the  template below and using the following email address:
-Subject: HCS/TxHmL Question/Issue (and a short description of the issue or question)
-Point of Contact (POC) Name:
-National Provider Identifier (NPI)/Contract Number:
-POC Phone Number:
-POC Email Address:
-Client ID:
*Reason for Email:  *Examples are “Unable to bill claims”, “Cannot complete account set-up steps”, etc. Please provide as much information on the issue as possible.
~   Link to TMHP Webpage to Search for Updates on Migration Issues:  The following are the links related to recent news and HCS/TxHmL-specific news