May 18th, 2024

TMHP is currently in the process of reaching out to providers and informing them of the need to confirm their email address in the Provider Enrollment and Management System (PEMS).
Please help by sharing this information with other HCS/TxHmL/ICF providers. Having a valid email on file with TMHP will ensure any communications sent out will go to the appropriate person or entity that would need to be made aware.

Providers lacking a valid email address on file will encounter the following ramifications:

  1. Will not receive email communication from TMHP for their Provider Type or Program.
  2. Will not receive reminder emails regarding their upcoming revalidation due dates.
  3. Will not be able to start a revalidation request until an email address is verified in PEMS. Providers who fail to complete their respective revalidations, by their given due date(s), will be disenrolled from the Medicaid program, which could result in gaps in enrollment. This can cause delay in reimbursement, and/or denial of claims, from both TMHP and MCOs. 
  4. Will not receive email communications regarding corrections to any PEMS request currently in-flight. Providers who do not respond to application deficiencies within a 45-day period will have their applications auto-close.


TMHP is providing the Verifying an Email in PEMS handout, which contains step-by-step instructions on how to complete this task within PEMS.

Additionally, providers should ensure the email domain is added to their Safe Senders list in their email system and avoid “unsubscribing” to emails received from the 

If providers require any direct assistance with completing this action, they can reach out to TMHP by using the Contact Us link on the TMHP website or by calling 1-800-925-9126.