April 14th, 2024

Below is some very important information about the new “Time To Care Coalition”  

What is the Coalition’s purpose? To increase awareness about the current and future access to IDD community-based services — more specifically, to increase awareness about the unprecedented workforce shortage in ICFs/IID and HCS group homes and its impact on services to individuals with IDD, secure emergency funding to increase wages of direct care staff working in these group homes and lay the groundwork for the next Texas legislative session.  Note: The Coalition is acutely aware of the critical need for all persons providing attendant or direct care services across the host of Medicaid programs in Texas to receive wages higher than what the 88th Texas Legislature funded.  However, given the number of providers exiting these services (i.e., terminating their contracts) or just closing or reducing the number of group homes they currently operate, the Coalition is currently focused on emergency funds for the aforementioned IDD group homes.
How did the Coalition start? As past efforts in garnering attention on services to persons with IDD have not been successful, a small group of providers concerned about the future of IDD services in Texas came together to establish the Coalition.  Recognizing that past efforts seemed ‘siloed’ (meaning it was primarily just IDD providers), the Coalition deemed it critical to widen the circle of support for IDD services.  This is being accomplished by reaching out to organizations and persons which, heretofore, have never been tapped (or actively tapped) which may have a strong interest in not only supporting the Coalition, but, more importantly, supporting delivery of quality services to persons with IDD.  Note:  Given time needed to establish the Coalition, create a website and determine and plan strategies for ‘getting the word out’, outreach to other organizations, and even to Texas IDD providers, was initially minimal. Now that the Coalition has officially launched, it is actively reaching out to prospective supporters.
Why are emergency funds needed?
  • To increase the wages of direct care working in ICF/IID and HCS group homes.  The 88th Texas Legislature only appropriated funds to increase wages of direct care working in the ICF/IID and HCS group homes to $10.60/hour.  The increase does not afford IDD service providers the competitive edge needed to maintain or recruit hardworking, dedicated caregivers. These caregivers deserve to be paid a wage that is commensurate with their work and their contributions to the lives of people with IDD.
  • To protect individuals’ access to IDD services – in short, preserve the IDD service system.  The already prevalent and growing shortage of direct care staff supporting individuals with IDD is rapidly increasing and directly contributing to group home closures, displacement of individuals and decreased stability leading to more behavioral episodes and medical events.  Without emergency funding, the current network of IDD providers will continue to shrink, eroding not only individuals’ choices in where they receive and who provides their services, but also placing at risk their health and safety and desire to remain in the community.
Are there other funding sources available to increase IDD direct care wages?  No!  Medicaid is the sole source of funding for IDD services.  The only way to increase pay for direct care staff is for the Legislature to appropriate funds.
Where can one find out more about the Coalition, its activities and current list of supporters?  Though not all sections have been fully developed with a few needing  some tweaks to ensure clarity in the Coalition’s message, the website may be viewed at:  https://timetocaretx.org/
What does support entail?  There are various options available to participate and support the Coalition.  Organizations can choose all of the options or just one or two of the options.
  • Donating to the Coalition, though it’s important to note that a monetary donation is not required.
  • Consenting to have your organization’s logo on the Time to Care website.  If interested in this option, complete this Release Form and send, along with your company logo, to:  IDD@pluspr.com.
  • Sharing information about the Coalition with others both within your organization (staff, families and individuals you serve) and outside your organization (such as churches, vendors/businesses or parent groups).
  • Posting information and news about the Coalition on one’s website, Facebook and any other social media one uses.




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