July 4th, 2022

The Provider Finance Department (PFD) Open Enrollment Portal experienced technical difficulties. Those issues have been resolved. The portal is now available for providers to complete Open Enrollment for the Attendant Compensation Rate Enhancement and Direct Care Staff Enhancement programs and Liability Insurance Rate Add-ons for Nursing Facilities.

The PFD portal is available. Please click here to access the portal. The PFD portal will be open from July 1, 2022 to August 1, 2022. For questions, contact HHSC Provider Finance Department: CostInformationPFD@hhs.Texas.gov.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) announces Open Enrollment for the following programs:

  • Attendant Compensation Rate Enhancement Program for Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) — Direct Service Agency (DSA)
  • Home and Community-based Services (HCS)
  • Texas Home Living (TxHmL)
  • Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions (ICF/IID)
  • and  several other waivers and LTC programs

For this state fiscal year (SFY) 2023, enrollment will be open until Aug 1, 2022. Title 1, Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Sections 355.112 and 355.308 states if the last day of open enrollment is on a weekend day, state holiday, or national holiday, the next business day will be considered the last day requests will be accepted. This enrollment pertains only to providers contracted with HHSC as described in 1 TAC Sections 355.112 and 355.308.

Providers contracted directly with a Managed Care Organization (MCO) will continue to enroll for rate enhancement through that MCO. They may not enroll through the process discussed below without a fee-for-service contract with HHSC.

Providers who participate in this optional program receive additional funds to provide increased wages and benefits for attendants or direct care staff. They must comply with enhanced staffing or spending requirements on future cost or accountability reports.

To request participation or an increase in level, complete an online Enrollment Contract Amendment (ECA) by 5:00 p.m. on August 1, 2022. The ECA must be completed online. No faxes, mail, or emails will be accepted. This letter does not include any forms. The ECA, all instructions, and worksheets are available on the HHSC Provider Finance Department Website at: https://pfd.hhs.texas.gov/long-term-services-supports.

July 5th, 2022

Use the following instructions to access these resources:

1.   Open the Provider Finance Long-term Services & Supports website;

  1. select the appropriate program;
  2. scroll down to the heading “Rate Enhancement – Attendant Compensation” or “Rate Enhancement – Direct Care Staff Compensation” (for Nursing Facility); and
  3. click on “View 2023 Rate Enhancement.”

Access the ECA by clicking on “Enrollment Contract Amendment Form” under “Other Documents Important to the 2023 Enrollment Information.”

In the same “Other Documents” section, instructions for completing the ECA are available by clicking on “Enrollment Contract Amendment Instructions.” It is important to review the instructions prior to completing the ECA.

The Open Enrollment Video is available under “View 2023 Rate Enhancement” on the Provider Finance Department website. There are no rate enhancement webinars for fiscal year 2023.

For more information, please visit the Provider Finance website.