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Tax Deadline Extensions for Individuals and Businesses

The IRS announced last week that because of last month’s winter storms, Texans will have until June 15, 2021, to file their individual and business tax returns and make tax payments.
This includes 2020 individual and business returns normally due on April 15, as well as various 2020 business returns due on March 15. Among other things, this also means that affected taxpayers will have until June 15 to make 2020 IRA contributions. The June 15 deadline also applies to quarterly estimated income tax payments due on April 15 and the quarterly payroll and excise tax returns normally due on April 30.
The IRS automatically provides filing and penalty relief to any taxpayer with an IRS address of record located in the disaster area, so taxpayers do not need to take any additional action to receive relief.
You can read the full announcement on the IRS website below: