As some of you may know, Twogether Consulting does not work for Taskmaster Pro, but we do have quite a bit of experience with their software and I love the benefits of this “cloud-based” program.  In the past, I have also used the software for my own HCS program as we had HCS contracts in over 32 counties.  Electronic Records were a must for us with that many counties to keep track of and service providers to monitor!  No matter who you choose to provide those services.  I do, however, highly recommend that if you currently do not have any type of electronic records system that you might want to start thinking about it, especially if you do have lots of area to cover or a large number of individuals in your program.  There are a couple of other programs out there I like and we help providers regardless of what they have chosen to put in place  I am no longer an HCS provider myself, as I am so busy with Twogether Consulting, lol but I certainly enjoy helping our clients using TMP. 

Currently, we do provide quality assurance to providers in Texas and some out of state. Twogether Consulting often provides additional webinars, training, and assistance for providers who are receiving services from TaskMaster Pro software to help them implement their nursing programs more efficiently with TMP’s great tools. We can also assist providers with getting the most out of your TMP software for facility quality assurance. Typically quality assurance plans are quarterly and/or as needed for example.  We provide mentoring for new Case Managers, Q’s, and Nurses, using the TMP software. This can be done off-site and therefore is more cost-effective for the provider.  

New:  We can also schedule additional 1-on-1  or facility-specific training sessions to help your agency better utilize TaskMaster Pro for coordination of client services, monitoring, and documenting in (HCS, TxHmL, ICF, other IDD/DD waivers)

New:  We can develop training content (ppts., handouts, tests, etc..) catered to your agency for your Direct Support Staff, Case Management, QIDP and Nursing staff  (i.e. Direct Support Staff Documentation, Policies & Procedures and more.)  The facility would be able to keep this training and upload it to the “Training Library” (i.e new hire or annual training)


*Disclaimer: the services mentioned above are not associated with any training, IT support, maintenance, or other services you are receiving directly through Taskmaster Pro or as a condition agreed to in your contract with TaskMaster Pro.  These are outside services and are provided solely through Twogether Consulting.  


For those of you who are interested in getting more information about Taskmaster Pro or purchasing the software and do not currently have  electronic health records, we can provide a free demo after you sign a non-disclosure form, or we can definitely direct you to someone from TMP to provide the demo and assist you with information on the cost and purchasing the software as we do not work for TMP.

Contact us at or on our contact page:  to request other services mentioned above! 

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Developed by a provider for providers!

TaskMaster Pro is a web-based cloud computing system designed specifically for managing Waiver and ICF/DD programs. TaskMaster Pro was created by Larry Hill of Hill Resources in Abilene and his team. Through the internet, you will be able to access information and monitor activity from wherever you are and whenever you want and when regulatory changes occur or required forms are updated, TaskMaster Pro is updated so it will never be obsolete. Now, this user-friendly, integrated system is available to you.

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Manage your program anytime and from anywhere in the world with TaskMaster Pro!

The Challenge

With traditional data tracking systems, a heavy emphasis is placed on regulatory guidelines which shift the focus of the direct care providers to that of compliance. This shift causes a break in the flow of quality care and leaves the clients with impersonal care and creates fragmentation in the system.

The Solution

TMP streamlines regulatory compliance by helping to automate the quality assurance processes. In turn, this improves the reporting accuracy of direct care providers and increases overall efficiency. The flow of information is orderly and dynamic allowing for improved client care and improved operations.


    • Secure Communication Center
    • Person-Centered Planning
    • Program Planning for QIDPs (QDDPs, QMRPs), Case Managers, and Program Managers
    • Complete Medical Module
    • Psychological/Behavioral Module
    • Service Delivery Log/Billing Waivers
    • Client Budget
    • Direct Care Reporting
    • Incident/Accident Reporting
    • Scheduling
    • Report Tracking
    • Human Resources
    • Staff Development and Training Module
    • Time and Attendance
    • Electronic Data Signature
    • Web-Based Cloud Computing
    • Off-Site Secure Hosting
    • Automated File Backup
    • Customizable Access Control