June 23rd, 2022

Please see the recent alert below from HHSC.  This has been brought to my attention just recently, however, I find it in conflict with the billing guidelines/requirements prior to even COVID-19, which allows for nurses to complete assessments per video chat  So, most likely they will revise billing requirements.  But know, it was in place prior to the Pandemic.

Revised Guidance for COVID-19 Flexibility for Registered Nursing Services Provided by Telehealth for  HCS & TxHmL

During the COVID-19 pandemic, flexibilities were put in place to allow comprehensive nursing assessments to be provided by telehealth (synchronous audio-visual technology).

This revised guidance applies to:

  • Home and Community-based Services
  • Texas Home Living

At the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency, this flexibility will end, and a registered nurse will be required to complete the comprehensive nursing assessments in person.

HHSC is notifying providers now so they can prepare for in-person activities as soon as the COVID-19 public health emergency ends. HHSC will notify providers of that date as soon as the federal government determines the end date. HHSC will be making updates to waiver handbooks to reflect this policy. Until handbook updates are completed, this interim guidance will serve as official HHSC policy.

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