HHSC Notice:  In the event you did not receive or inadvertently overlooked, see below for the notice HHSC issued earlier today regarding resources for LTC providers during the winter storm, or click HERE

LTC Provider Resources During an Emergency

Long-term care providers impacted by the current severe weather event should be implementing emergency management plans. LTC providers in need of resources or assistance during an emergency, such as the current severe weather, are reminded that you can:

  • Contact your LTCR regional office regarding events that are affecting residents (such as no heat, evacuation, frozen fire sprinkler systems, etc.). They can initiate an emergency request.
  • Contact your local emergency management or Regional Advisory Council, who can initiate a STAR request.
  • Contact your local power company if you are having power issues. Nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and inpatient hospices should inform the power company that you are a LTC provider, as those providers are prioritized for service restoration per the Public Utility Commission rules.
  • Contact your Texas Department of Emergency Management District Coordinator if you are having challenges getting generator fuel.

If you need guidance or assistance in relocating residents, work with your LTCR Regional Director. All requests to exceed licensed capacity must be approved by the Director of Survey Operations. If your facility is projected to exceed its licensed capacity because it is accepting residents who have been evacuated from another facility, email Renee Blanch-Haley and include State Capacity Increase Request in the subject line.

Please refer to Provider Letter 2018-19 (PDF) as applicable and to your program’s rules for additional important information regarding emergency preparedness. If you have any questions, contact your LTCR regional office, email LTCR Policy Rules and Training or call 512-438-3161.