IL20-45 Renewals of ID/RC Assessments/ and IPC’s and  Requirements for Revised IPCs and Transfer IPC

This information letter (IL)explains:

-renewal intellectual disability or related condition (ID/RC) assessments and individual plans of care (IPCs) are automatically renewing for one year from the expiration date for ID/RCs and IPCs expiring through December 30, 2020

     -beginning with ID/RCs and IPCs set to expire December 31, 2020, renewal ID/RCs and IPCs will be completed by the provider or service               coordinator before the expiration date;

      -renewal ID/RCs can be completed via telehealth and renewal IPCs can be completed via telehealth or telephone; and

      -continued exception to the requirement that an individual or legally authorized representative (LAR) sign IPC and supporting documentation.          These actions help ensure individuals do not experience a gap in services due to the COVID-19 public health emergency and there is  continued flexibility for limiting face-to-face contact for waiver renewals and service plan revisions.

In addition, if an individual loses waiver eligibility during the PHE, the individual will maintain waiver services

For more information:  Click on this link:  https://apps.hhs.texas.gov/providers/communications/2020/letters/IL2020-45.pdf