Seniors have always ignored health promotion activities meant to promote their health. This is because their health status is perfectly normal, and they do not consider themselves at significant risk of falling ill. However as a senior ages; a number of things can happen which can leave the senior injured or sick and possibly needing 24-hour nursing care like the one provided at and It is common knowledge that elderly individuals are at risk for a number of health related issues – heart attacks are commonly suffered by the elderly and they can also have strokes or other critical illnesses. When these events occur after getting out of bed without the help of a nurse or even a doctor’s assistance this is called accidental falls in the elderly and it is the leading cause of injury related deaths for this age group in the US today!

Senior citizens tend to have more chronic conditions or multiple sclerosis than younger people. They often have a limited capacity when it comes to their functional capabilities. They also have certain restrictions in their diet since they have already reached the age where they have to watch what they eat so as not to develop different diseases caused by our unhealthy lifestyle such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes. It also has to be noted that they are unable to have frequent physical activities so they do not have the energy that they need to move and perform necessary daily activities. Because of these circumstances above that these people face everyday it is important that they start taking care of themselves as early as possible in order to maximize their health and prolong their lives to the fullest possible.

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One of the ways that you can help your seniors is to monitor their lifestyle habits so that they can live healthy lives longer without experiencing unnecessary illnesses that can shorten their life as well as yours. If you think you’re unable to care for them properly, we highly suggest having a family discussion to determine if a community living for seniors like Riverview Senior Living is the best option for your family. You can check out this memory care community for seniors or this popular assisted living community if needed. By talking to them about their health and living routine, you will be able to find out what is happening that is affecting their health. Communicate with your loved ones in a way that they can clearly understand what you are talking about and remember to talk slowly and ask if they are understanding what you really mean. If you want to find assisted living options for your elderly loved ones, you can learn about assisted living here and see various amenities that can help with their current lifestyle.