Check out our instant services you can purchase at our “Store” page on the website:

1 hr consulting



You can purchase 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 hrs of off-site consultationfor assistance with HCS, TxHmL, or ICF and Additional IDD Waiver Programs.
This includes: research, phone calls, video chats, webinars, emails and texts
You may use this off-site consultation time as needed or all at once.  You can schedule a conference call, video chat or short training webinar with us, depending on your needs or contact us via email or text for questions you might have.  We bill a minimum of 15 mins. per contact.
After you make payment for a service, someone will contact you to schedule an appt. as soon as possible to set up initial services.  Please be sure to email us with your basic contact information and purpose for services at:  

Check out our instant services you can purchase at our “Store” page on the website:


There is a separate 1-hour payment tab for nursing consultation.  You may add on as many nursing hours as you want to the payment tab!
If you would like to schedule a teleconference or video conference with our RN Consultant and your nursing department or other members of your team, please contact us at  
This is a great way to prepare for a survey, discuss post-survey concerns, develop ideas for plans of correction, discuss nursing concerns about an individual prior to admission, or assist nurses with new admissions to the program.  
This service does not include the actual development of policy & procedure or assistance with writing plans of correction/corrective action plans..

**We also offer an initial hour of consultation to see if we can help you with applying to become an HCS/TxHML provider.   $75.00 for 1 hr max/ Initial consultation only. 

We do not provide more than 1 hr at this rate! 

This service is for persons considering applying to become an HCS or TxHmL provider, who may need our assistance with completing their forms for the application or need help deciding if they actually want to become a provider.   This does not include the cost of actual assistance with the application.