Juliy 11th, 2022

Our good friend at IntellectAbility, Patrick Lane has provided a link where providers or anyone else interested can register for online Person-Centered Thinking training.  FYI-this is a requirement in the HCS/TxHmLTAC rules for all persons who are a part of the development of the Implementation Plan (IP), to have this training within the first 2 year of hire.

Staff Member and Service Provider Requirements

The session is a $275 per person.

This is a 3-day series of zoom sessions, each 6 hrs long.

There are multiple live Zoom training dates listed, so take your pick.


To learn more about IntelectAbility, here is their main website page https://replacingrisk.com/


TAC 9.177 (d) A program provider must:

  (1) conduct initial and periodic training that ensures staff members and service providers are qualified to deliver services as required by the current needs and characteristics of the individuals to whom they deliver services, including the use of restraint in accordance with §9.179 of this subchapter (relating to Certification Principles: Restraint); and

  (2) ensure that a staff member who participates in developing an implementation plan for CFC PAS/HAB completes person-centered service planning training approved by HHSC:

    (A) by June 1, 2017, if the staff member was hired on or before June 1, 2015; or

    (B) within two years after hire, if the staff member was hired after June 1, 2015.