August 23rd, 2023

Person-Centered Training Opportunities

Our good friend at IntellectAbility, Patrick Lane has provided a link where providers or anyone else interested can register for online Person-Centered Thinking training.  FYI-this is a requirement in the HCS/TxHmLTAC rules for all persons who are a part of the development of the Implementation Plan (IP), to have this training within the first 2 year of hire.

Staff Member and Service Provider Requirements

The session is a $275 per person.

This is a 3-day series of zoom sessions, each 6 hrs long.

There are multiple live Zoom training dates listed, so take your pick. 

To learn more about IntelectAbility, here is their main website page


HHSC Person-Centered Planning/Practice Training Information

What Training Is Required?

Online Introductory Course

The Texas Health and Human Services Online Introductory Course is appropriate for any member of the planning team, including:

  • Legally authorized representatives
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Nurses (required in some instances)
  • Behavior specialists (required in some instances)
  • Employment specialists (required in some instances)
  • Attendants (required in some instances)
  • Direct support professionals (required in some instances)
  • Anyone asked to be a member of the planning team

Note: To access and complete this free online training, please go to the HHS Learning Portal, create a user login, and follow instructions to complete the training.


Person-Centered Thinking Classroom Course

To register for the Person-Centered Thinking 2-day classroom course, please go to the HHS Learning Portal, create a user login, and follow instructions to register for a class that is most convenient to your location. Begin Training An introductory course also is offered by DirectCourseOnline. The online offering includes courses in Person-Centered Counseling (PCC) and Person-Centered Thinking and Practice. There are 12 lessons in all.

2-Day Online Training for Person-Centered Training (with virtual classroom).  Be sure to sign up for the e-learning portal from HHSC, if you have not done so already, before taking the course.

HHS Approved Full Training

The following training is approved by Texas Health and Human Services for people required to take the full training, specifically case managers, service managers and service coordinators. If you would like to submit a training course to HHS for approval, email: Remember to keep your training certificate.