May 13th, 2023

Community Attendants & Direct Care/Support Workers:

Direct care/support workers & community attendants are a huge part of the Medicaid long-term services and supports system. Without these persons working with our individuals, HCS, TxHmL, CLASS, ICF and other programs would not be able to provide services. The long-term services and supports system in Texas would simply not exist without a workforce of direct care/support workers. The Texas House and Senate have passed their budgets and are now in a conference committee to finalize the ‘Texas’ budget for the state fiscal year 2024 through 2025. (Prior to this meeting the Senate ad House have not been in agreement on how much the increase of funding will be)

The Senate version of the state budget raises attendant wages by almost 40 percent. And while it is still not the $17 per hour we were initially asking for, it would still be a large increase from what providers have at this time and it would really help with staff retention and attracting more DCS/DSW workers to these programs.  Numerous Texans with disabilities rely on direct care/support workers every day.  Without these workers, many of them could not remain in their community and might end up placed in more restrictive settings like institutions such as an SSLC (State Supported Living Center).


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