February 10th, 2023

From HHSC’s PAT  FAQ’s as of Jan. 1st, 2023

“Frequently Asked Questions for Providers Applicant Training (PAT) for HCS/TXHML”

-When is the Provider Applicant Training (PAT) Online available?
This training is now available online. The PAT training is the first step for applicants to obtain a contract with HHSC. Please do not submit your application without the PAT certificate that reflects a passing score of 85% or above.

-Who can take the training?
Applicants listed on Form 3681, Section 8.a and 8.b must complete the online PAT training. The Program Manager listed must complete the training and pass the test with an 85% or above.
See Texas Administrative Code Title 40, Chapter 49, Rule §49.204.

-How can I access the HHS Learning Portal?
• HHS Learning Portal (texas.gov).
• Set up your new account. You will need to confirm your new account through the email address used.
• Find and select the Medicaid Long Term Services and Support Training under “Course Categories.”
• Select the Provider Applicant Training (PAT) link. Select “Enroll me” to access the Training and get access to the “Welcome” page.

The training is compiled in four different steps.

Step 1. Important to know Before you Get Started
 Fill out the Provider Applicant Training (PAT) Information form. This form must be completed to access the introduction and the training modules.

Step 2. Training Modules
 Complete each module must be completed to advance to the next module.

Step 3. Evaluation and Certificates
 Complete the mandatory survey

Step 4. Provider Competency Exam
 Download, and save your exam certificate upon completion. Submit the certificate along with your completed application

PAT FAQ’s read more

IMPORTANT:  You must take the PAT before you can apply to be an HCS Provider!!!.  You must pass the Test by 85 %  If you fail the test, you can’t retake the test for a period of 6 months, so please study the TAC before and pay careful attention to the PAT modules before answering test questions.

Note: If you do not pass on your first attempt, please DO NOT apply.