Currently, all “On-site Training” is on hold due to COVID-19.  If you require any of these trainings, please check our calendars on our website for current webinars or contact us at: for some of our pre-recorded training options.

Live Training On-Site (Please contact us if you want us to provide these trainings on-site for your program):

HCS/TxHmL: Care Coordination in the HCS Program, Using Person-Centered Thinking To Develop The IP (Implementation Plan), Changes in the HCS Progam, Quality Assurance, Changes in The Survey Process In HCS (we are adding one for ICF), Changes in The Billing Audit Process in HCS and TxHmL, Nursing in HCS/TxHmL Programs, Common Nursing Errors In The HCS/TxHmL Programs & Corrective Action Planning, ICAP/IDRC/ and LON Increase Packet Training.

ICF: The Role & Responsibilities of the QIDP, DIT on Active Treatment, Changes To the ICF Surveyor’s Guide-Appendix J- “How It Affects Your Program”, as well as DIT Trainings-A/N/E,  “Common Nursing Tags in the ICF Program-How to Prevent & Correct Them“, Nursing In The ICF Program as well as ICAP/IDRC/ and LON Increase Packet Training.

Direct Support Staff Training:  “Expectations of the Nurse from the Direct Support Staff”, “Abuse, Neglect, and ANE” (including recent changes in the HCS TAC), “When and What to Report To The RN”, Documentation Expectations for Direct Support Staff”, “Behavior Support Plans-general concepts and purpose of support plans”, “Interacting With Individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Your Program” (Effective Communication, Verbal Intervention, Appropriate/Inappropriate Reactions, Body Language, and more).