Visits are being made at this time to group homes and select Host Homes.  These are not part of HHSC’s residential review process, and the provider will not be receiving any violations/citing providers during these assessments, according to HHSC. 
**They will have the HCS provider complete a “plan of action” if corrections are required, and the corrections and probable dates of completion must be in the “plan of action”. 
 HHSC reiterated that compliance is not expected at this time, particularly since the rules have yet to be adopted.  According to HHSC, these assessments are just an information-gathering project at this time. The plan of action will be done to get the provider ready for compliance.
 On-site assessments of the group homes have already started with assessments of certain HH Settings starting next week.  For more details, see IL 2022-49,
They will be looking for 3 main things:
-An individual has a lease agreement with the provider that provides protections against eviction that tenants have under the landlord/tenant laws of the state.
-An individual’s bedroom door is lockable by the individual, with only appropriate staff having keys to doors.
– An individual has access to food at any time.
(Providers are encouraged to make these adjustments now and adjustments to R&B agreements now to ensure smooth transition)
They will only be looking at host home settings where the HH/CC provider is not a parent or family member of any of the individuals in the home.
**They will be looking at your residential agreements, but these do not have to be maintained in each group home.  They should only be asking the provider for a copy of the agreement – not state that it was a requirement for the agreements to be in the homes.
**Providers are encouraged to let HHSC know of any other misinformation being shared with providers by surveyors during the on-site assessments.