August, 15th, 2023

Compliance with new rules in Ch 565 on additional oversight for HH/CC service providers & Individuals receiving services

  • Concerning the now required quarterly HH/CC On-site Visits to review specific areas that providers must conduct, providers have expressed concerns about HH/CC service providers being very upset with this new change of more oversight by the provider and HHSC, and they have concerns that it will be too intrusive.
  • There are also concerns that this will be an added cost to the provider to add these additional visits..  HHSC has explained that the purpose of the change was to ensure the health and safety of persons receiving HH services.  
  • HHSC stated they would discuss the increased cost matter, as well as the concerns about the type of documentation surveyors would expect providers to maintain as evidence that the visits were made, internally and follow up with providers.
  • HHSC also stated that as the rule is new, there is no expectation (at least for now) on behalf of Regulatory that providers should have already initiated the visits!
  •   Surveyors will expect to see a plan of action or schedule for conducting the visits.