May 13th, 2023

“The labor shortage has made it more important than ever to manage available resources effectively. Allowing existing employees to view and request open shifts can be a big help to over-stressed managers.”

Our friends at MITC have asked us to share some information on one of their very important resources, scheduling software for your shift staff in group homes and employees in general.  Please check all their info below and feel free to go to their website for more info on their other products for IDD providers and service providers.

myScheduling is just one of the tools from MITC that might be helpful to both IDD  providers (i.e. HCS, TxHmL and ICF) as well as Day Hab/ ISS (Individualized Skills and Socialization) and Supported Employment Providers

Check out some of their previously recorded videos at the links below.

Make Scheduling Easier! Let Employees Request Extra Work 01/12/23

Scheduling for Group Homes and In-Home Programs 03/02/23

How a Provider with 2,000 Employees Deployed mySchedules 04/13/23


Download These Fact Sheets:


Integrating mySchedules with Kronos and Other Time and Attendance Systems

Client Scheduling

Integrating Maps and Mileage into Scheduling

Encouraging Employees to Request Extra Hours


“MITC’s Staff and Client Solutions are designed specifically for providers serving the I/DD and behavioral health communities.
MITC’s solutions are perfect for agencies that manage group homes, HCBS, or day, vocational, and supported employment programs!  Because we’ve worked with thousands of agencies like yours, MITC delivers the most cost-effective solutions that lead to lower payroll costs, higher performance, and compliance with state and DOL regulations.”