An ICF resident, as well as an individual living in an HCS group home, may have up to 2 Essential caregivers, as defined in the emergency rules, and they must have a negative COVID-19 test result from a test performed no more than 14 days before the first essential caregiver visit unless the facility chooses to perform a rapid test prior to entry into the facility.  Providers are still seeking clarification for some of the new COVID-19 emergency mitigation rules (including visitation rules) for persons receiving HH/CC services.  We plan to keep you updated!
Expanded ReopeningVisitation:
Phase 1 requirements all remain in place (except for compassionate care visits, which are being replaced with less restrictive essential caregiver visits.)
All facilities without an active facility acquired outbreak can move to visitation as outlined in the emergency rules(including those with isolation wings), but visitation is only allowed for residents/individuals,  who are NOT COVID positive and in areas away from COVID positive isolation areas.
Essential caregivers will be trained by the facility on PPE use and infection control, and they must meet the testing requirement.
Reopening is optional for facilities; those that do not feel they have the resources to re-open safely will not be mandated to open or allow for essential caregivers.
See the link below for more information on Visitation Rules for LTC Facilities, including ICF and HCS