March 12th, 2024

Local Authority Contract Change: Potential Threats to Health and Safety (new). (SOW, 2.6.4.). The contract includes a new provision requiring the Authority to respond and immediately take action, as identified in correspondence from HHSC, related to Notifications of Potential Threats to Health and Safety. The procedure and actions taken must ensure the individual is seen in person within 48 hours.

LIDDAs have requested clearer direction from HHSC as to implementation expectations including what prompts HHSC (the Money Follow the Person unit) to notify LIDDAs of the need for an on-site inspection and a change in the response time to conduct the visit from “within 48 hours” to “in 2 business days.”

In order to minimize confusion and multiple calls between the provider and their staff and the provider and the LIDDA regarding the purpose of a LIDDA’s unannounced visit and its inquiries about an event that poses potential threat to one’s health and safety, HHSC is preparing a communication for distribution to providers and to LIDDAs for their use when fulfilling this requirement.

Providers understandably do have concerns about this new provision.