October 30th, 2023

Update From Twogether Consulting!

Hope you all are well. Happy Halloween! Here is the update on what is going on with Twogether Consulting
    For HCS Providers who want to purchase the quarterly on-site review checklist for Host Homes and for site reviews in general, you can now purchase the form at the following link on our website: “purchase services” page. If you are having issues with the download, please contact us at info@twogetherconsulting.com and I will be happy to send the form.  I am also working on a protective devices assessment (to go along with the risk assessment for restraints the provider has to complete currently) so providers can easily meet new certification standards, Title 26 Part 1 Ch Subchapter F: 565.37
     Twogether Consulting has been busy helping new ISS providers and we have a webinar scheduled for November 30th, 2023 posted on our website.  Twogether Consulting has been busy assisting HCS providers with survey prep. and plans of correction.  In addition, we have live classes scheduled in Houston, Tx for January 2024 for Nurses and Case Managers. We will be posting live sessions in San Antonio for December, before the next newsletter, so keep checking the website. (around November 10th, 2023).
     For those of you in need of full policy and procedures, I hope to have updated policies available for sale by mid-January 2024.
     Please contact us directly for your care coordination, QIDP, and nursing needs at info@twogetherconsulting.com or you may contact our assistant Meghan Jones at meghanjones.tx@gmail.com. We are happy to say that we can still continue to provide for most of your needs at this time.  We are happy to provide whatever assistance we can with questions you may have, especially concerning HCS/TxHmL Care Coordination, Nursing, or general survey requirements from LTCR department in these programs.  We also still provide assistance with the ICF/IID program and expect to have some webinars in the near future for ICF including nursing.  We are currently providing on-site live training at this time and live training is open to the public as well.
     FYI-We do still have “mentoring” assistance (especially great for new nurses) from our RN consultant on an as-needed basis.  If you have new nurses who need training quicker than classes posted on the calendar, please let me know and we do offer some of our previously recorded sessions for a low cost which includes the handouts.  We are also happy to schedule one-on-one training sessions and mentoring with either of our 2 nurse consultants.
Thank you,
Julie Blacklock/ Owner & IDD Waiver Consultant