Hello Friends,

We have just made some changes to the website and we hope you like them.  Feel free to give us your feedback.  Specifically, the “Updates” page has been reformatted so you are able to navigate from one “post” to the other. If you want to read more on each section, just click on “read more”.  We have also updated the “Off-site Services” page so that you can pay for hours of off-site consultation right on the same page.  Remember there is a discount for blocks of time larger than 3 hours, purchased on the site.  This discount is only available online on this “Off-site Services” page. Twogether Consulting also has also added our “Store” page on the dropdown menu under “Services”.  In addition to the off-site hourly packages in the “Store”, we will be adding some additional services in the near future for a flat rate, for purchase on this page..

Currently, all our services are technically “off-site”, due to COVID-19, but these consultation package prices on the “Off-Site Services” page are only for just that, consultation by phone, email, video chat, or text. They do not include our rates for developing policies and procedures, LON increase request packets, or any other services we provide.

Twogether Consulting is continuing to work to ensure minimal disruptions to our business while putting the safety and well-being of our providers, their individuals in the program, and our contractors as our highest priority. Please see below for specific information:

  • In-person group trainings/conferencesSuspended until at least October 30th, 2020 at this time.  Most of these classes have already been moved to online webinars or training.  We also have pre-recorded sessions of some of these trainings as well.
  • Online training (Webinars): Proceeding as planned.  We will be posting upcoming webinars to the website regularly on the homepage: www.twogetherconsulting.com 
    • Webinar Registration:  Click on calendars on our website at www.twogetherconsulting.com or https://events.time.ly/anatx6f
    • Recordings of Free Webinar Series:  https://www.gotostage.com/channel/3b0bd3b1a47c4e80be974f4bcfa54d7b
    • “Updates Page”  https://twogetherconsulting.com/updates/
    • We will continue to provide 1 on 1 webinar training and any general trainings done for a specific facility/ provider for Care Coordination, Nursing Services, Direct Support Staff, etc.…
    • We have pre-recorded sessions with handouts for those of you who can’t attend live sessions or can’t wait for a live session. They range from $25-$150 per session.  These range from 1 hr- 3.5 hrs per session.
    • “Pop-Up Webinars”:  We will occasionally send out invitations to some webinars to those of you who are already clients of Twogether Consulting or who are on our mailing listThese won’t be posted for the general public.  These will be fairly short notice and based on topics that we receive a large number of requests to provide.  They will also be limited registration.  (15-30 persons max). .
  • Consultant Support: Twogether Consultants continue to be available to assist with your HCS/TxHmL and ICF needs as usual.  We will provide anything you request of us, that we can off-site.
    • Off-site Consultation:
    •  You may purchase a block of time for as-needed consultation:  We charge $75/hr and we can offer blocks of time for more than 3 hrs at a slight discount if you pay online at: https://twogetherconsulting.com/services/off-site-services/
    • if there is an extensive project (anything over 6 hrs, we will discuss flat rate options or daily rates.)
    • We continue to provide as-needed off-site consultation including, but not limited to: Development or assistance with policy and procedure, Monthly/Quarterly QA via Taskmaster Pro, Therap, or any other cloud-based services, Survey and Audit Prep, and you are welcome to contact us if you need us to QA or review documents through our secure cloud storage system. We also provide off-site nursing consultation and mentoring for HCS/TxHmL and ICF programs,
    • And much more!
  • On-site Consultation:  This service is temporarily suspended at this time, due to the recent Guidelines from HHSC for HCS/TxHmL providers as of 3/17/20 by HHSC.  See link below:
  • https://apps.hhs.texas.gov/providers/communications/2020/letters/PL2020-12.pdf
  • We are not considered “essential visitors” at this time, according to HHSC.
  • Concerning our ICF providers, we will follow the same guidelines ICF has provided at this time.
  • Remember for ICF we can still provide Directive Inservice Trainings (DIT) if necessary, but we prefer to provide these off-site via webinar, and most Regional Surveyors will accept a DIT via webinar, especially in these times. So please let us know. If this must be done in person, it must be for 8 or less attendees at a time. All attendees must be screened for possible Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Payments:  We prefer payment via our PayPal Invoices, with Credit Card/Debit/ or PayPal.  You are also welcome to pay via e-check, or request to pay by Venmo.  You may also use our online link below to pay:  https://twogetherconsulting.com/payments/
    • If you must pay by check, please let us know prior to mailing the check.  Thank you.  Send all checks to:

Twogether Consulting  P.O. Box 90426 Austin, Tx 78709.

Any updates to our COVID-19 response will be posted at:  https://twogetherconsulting.com/updates/

Note: We will continue to send out the newsletter 2 x per month.  If you want to me on the mailing list, please contact us at:  info@twogetherconsulting.com

You may contact us by phone with any questions at:  512-294-8032.  You may email me directly at:  javasbja@aol.com or javasbja@gmail.com

Thank you and be well,

Julie Andrews Blacklock/Owner & IDD Waiver Consultant