May 30th, 2022

In Case You Don’t Have Enough To Worry About…..

HHSC Publishes Information on Preparing for Fee-for-Service Claims Billing Closeout IL 2022-31

IL 2022-31 (PDF) is posted to the HHS site.

Just some thoughts: Understand, that this also might mean a period of time where regular payments will be delayed a few weeks, right when the fiscal year closeout occurs at end of August.  Hopefully not, but it has been an issue in past years with CARE. Please be sure to take care of all claims that you can possibly bill, by 8/31/22!!!  

From HHSC:

“IL 2022-31 is for providers to prepare for the Aug. 31 end of fiscal year closeout. It is important for providers to promptly submit claims to be paid by HHSC for any unbilled services. HHSC will publish additional details regarding cutoff dates for fiscal year 2022 in an upcoming HHSC information letter when they are available.”

Submit questions about this project by calling Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership at 800-626-4117, Option 1. Invalid or inappropriate recoupments should be immediately reported to HHSC Provider Recoupments and Holds by calling 512-438-2200, Option 3.