June 17th, 2022
This message will only address the ICF/IID grants. As of May 31st, 2022, there was little else shared by HHSC, other than what was posted on its website on May 19, 2022. There was however information shared during the HHSC IDD Coordination Workgroup meeting shortly after that.
1.  Eligibility Criteria for the SB 8 Grants:   According to HHSC, application for the grants will be through an open procurement process which prohibits HHSC from disclosing any details.
HHSC responded, “The lists posted on the website are based on the eligibility criteria outlined in the list at:  https://apps.hhs.texas.gov/documents/SB8-Grant/rfa-tier-ii-competitive-award-process.pdf
Example:   The ICFs/IID will be updated to include those that are certified, but not licensed.  [This answer was in response to a question as to why not all community-based ICFs/IID were included in the list.]
“As mentioned on the website, compliance with SB 809/Rider 143 will not disqualify a facility from being eligibility; however, pursuant to SB 8, those providers will be “prioritized….Providers who are required to submit the reports and are compliant with all SB 809/Rider 143 reporting will receive one extra point on the scoring of their RFA application. Applicants’ compliance will be determined by HHSC on the 15th calendar day after the respective RFA solicitation posts.” [To review your compliance status, click on SB 809/Rider 143 COVID 19 Reporting Healthcare Institution List (updated June 6, 2022) at:  https://pfd.hhs.texas.gov/long-term-services-supports]

“As mentioned on the website, providers who believe they are eligible based on the criteria and are not listed on the eligibility list should contact Provider Finance Department before the solicitations are posted.  Providers should contact us at ProviderFinanceDept@hhs.texas.gov. “

2.  Distribution of the $178.3 million appropriated via SB 8  among the ALFs, ICFs/IID, Home Health, and Community Attendant Providers:   It seems HHSC provided ICFs/IID significantly less funds than ALFs and Home Health Agencies.  ICFs/IID received $2,952,861;  ALFs received $46;149,888 Home Health Agencies received $54,932,075.
Though recognized there are more ALFs and Home Health Agencies than ICFs/IID, if the intent is to distribute or award the grants equally across each eligible applicant/facility, each ICF/IID facility would receive only $3,800, whereas each ALF and Home Health Agency would receive $23,000 and $17,583 respectively to provide one-time staff recruitment and retention bonuses.  Notes:  a) The number of eligible applicants under the category of community attendant providers is not yet posted, though approximately $73 million of the $178.3 million is being provided to this category/provider type. b) Noo information to confirm whether the intent is to award the funds equally across facilities. It is hoped the RFA will provide information about this.
During the IDD Coordination Workgroup meeting, HHSC stated that when the ICF/IID RFA is posted (June 23rd), providers will have an opportunity to submit the above question through the formal Q&A process.  HHSC will also host an applicant conference.  HHSC would not announce the date for the applicant conference, but it’s assumed that information will be included in the RFA.
3.  Posting of the Request for Applications (RFAs):  The RFA for ICFs//ID will be posted June 23rd, it is anticipated that HHSC will issue a notice once posted.  In the event providers want to periodically check the status, click on the link below for ICF/IID.  
When the RFAs post, please read them carefully for the requirements, required submission method, formal Q &A period, application conference, and application deadline.
  • Request for Applications (RFA) No. HHS0011334 for Intermediate Care Facilities – COVID-19 in Healthcare Relief is scheduled to post on June 23, 2022 to this website: https://apps.hhs.texas.gov/pcs/rfa.cfm