HHSC Publishes Information to Assist People with Terminated SSI (IL 2021-47)

HHSC has published IL 2021-47 (PDF).

It assists people with terminated Supplemental Security Income. In Texas, people who get Supplemental Security Income benefits are eligible for Medicaid. Under normal circumstances, termination of SSI benefits results in losing Medicaid coverage.  When the continuous Medicaid coverage period ends, these individuals will lose their Medicaid coverage unless their SSI benefits are reinstated they are found eligible for Medicaid under other criteria. If Medicaid coverage ends for an individual enrolled in a waiver program, their waiver program services will also end.

Following the declaration of a federal PHE (public health emergency) on Jan. 27, 2020, federal guidance allows HHSC to maintain Medicaid coverage for people who lose their SSI benefits.

HHSC is notifying individuals about their eligibility status. HHSC has sent a copy of the attached letter to individuals enrolled in a Medicaid waiver program who have lost SSI benefits during the PHE. The letter tells them:

●They are no longer eligible for Medicaid because they have lost their SSI benefits, but they still have Medicaid coverage due to the current PHE.

Please help your individuals apply to keep their Medicaid benefits.
Service coordinators and case managers should encourage individuals and representative payees to apply for SSI or Medicaid coverage so an eligibility determination can be made.
If requested, service coordinators and case managers must assist these individuals and their representative payees with:

●Applying to have SSI reinstated by the SSA .  ●Applying for Medicaid for the Elderly and People with Disabilities using Form H1200 and Form 1746-A.

Service coordinators and case managers should also encourage individuals to report changes in their circumstances to HHSC, even during the PHE, to ensure contact and eligibility information remains accurate. These changes may include changes of address, phone number, or pregnancy status. Individuals may report changes online at www.yourtexasbenefits.com, by calling 2-1-1, or by contacting a local HHSC benefits office