July 31st, 2023

Just wanted to post some helpful tips for all of the new ISS providers out there. 

#1. Be sure you date your ISS policies, and specifically for any Evacuation &/or Emergency Response Procedures  When you revise them, show the revision dates on those policies. ISS Service Providers can receive a violation from the survey team for not doing so.

#2. Be sure to get with your local emergency response coordinators in your areas, to help you with developing your Evac/ER Response procedures.

#3  Be sure to utilize a Hazard Valuation Assessment Tool to evaluate the potential hazards and issues for emergencies that occur in your area (fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, chemical spills, active shooters, etc..) and assess how you are preparing currently and again re-assess after any emergencies to see how your ISS facility did in responding to the situation and how you could improve.

#3. Be sure you review your ISS policies and procedures and discuss how you will implement those policies and/or procedures, as part of the implementation process involves training staff/employees.


For example:

  1. Can you show in-service/training resources or material used to teach employees about what is expected for documenting ISS services or documenting critical incidents?
  2. Can you show that employees are trained on how and where to report critical incidents?
  3. Can you show what resources you will use to train the staff about fire drills, fire evacuation, and other emergency protocols for the facility, including during off-site ISS?
  4. Can you show how you trained employees on the complaint process and the individuals in the program or about Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation and how to report it?


We will continue to add “TIPS” for ISS Service Providers periodically on this page!