HCS Provider Applicant- Provider Applicant Training (PAT) and Test

Okay, for those of you who are going through the HCS or TxHmL provider applicant process and had your application approved, a lot of people are contacting me inquiring about when the orientation (PAT) and testing are going to happen as some of you have been waiting a very long time.

Just FYI- I am unclear about testing. It may be online now, but I have also heard it may not be and it is still on hold due to COVID-19.

What I do know is that the orientation or what is now called the Provider Applicant Training, has been available online since at least April or May of this year, through the HHSC e-learning portal.

If you received your application approval letter with a link to the online portal PAT training when they just started and you have completed your Provider Applicant Training (PAT) and printed the certificates, and still have not received an invitation to take the test yet, please go back and login to the e-learning orientation in the portal. If you log in and it no longer says 100% complete, and now says something like 80% complete, you will need to go back into the complete it.

They apparently have added some new steps at the end of the Provider Applicant Training (PAT), that was not there when you completed your initial orientation and printed your certificates. There is an evaluation for step 3 and I believe there is a step 4. I think step 4 is some kind of attestation that you are the individual that will be taking the HCS or TxHmL applicant test. In other words the Program Manager.

I am unclear as to why there was no notification of the changes in the e-learning process and that you would have to go back and complete that before HHSC can approve you at 100%, but that could be why you have not heard back about testing for quite some time.

In addition, there are 2 persons listed as test approvers for the portal, I believe in just the past few days, according to some of you who have done the online orientation process.  My guess is this probably means that HHSC is very close to getting back to Provider Applicant Testing, but that it will be online. I am hopeful that many of you out there can finally take your test and get your certification to become a provider.  I know some applicants have been in limbo for quite some time.  Last information we received indicated the test will be online and will be offered sometime between Dec. 2020 and Jan. 2021.  The PAT applicant will have to schedule a time to go to a testing “site” and to take the test online with a “proctor” in the room to monitor the test being taken “online”.

Remember to get prepared and please study. You may have been waiting a long time to test, but I know that applicants sometimes don’t study as much as they need to, to take the test.  If you have come this far, you do not want to fail the test and have to start all over again!  Please contact us if you need help in preparing for the test.  We do provide services such as study prep sessions, practice tests, etc..