“Study & Prep Session For HCS Provider Applicant Test” 

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This Training is Not Affiliated In Any Way with HHSC
It is Provided by Twogether Consulting, a private consulting company for HCS/TxHmL & ICF providers  (As well as persons  seeking Information about these Medicaid programs)
(We will be reviewing some TxHmL information as well)

Cost:  $150/person

To register, please go to:



Description of HCS & TxHmL Waivers and Basic Terminology Needed

Tips for Preparing For The HCS Provider Certification Test.  

Important Sections of the HCS & TxHmL Handbook and Interpretive Guidance Booklet,

Frequently Asked Questions found on the HHSC HCS/TxHmL home pages.  

Frequently Cited TAC Codes  (HCS & TxHmL)

How to Access  Important Information on the HHSC Website: Joint Training Opportunities, HCS/TxHmL Waiver Training, Resources, Contact Information, etc.. 

Information on Person-Centered Training Opportunities and The Importance of This Training

What Happens After I Pass My Test?

HCS Practice Test during the session, so that you may become comfortable with the type of questions that may be asked during the PAT testing session


Don’t forget to study for your test!!!

Links to TAC (Texas Administrative Codes)  provided below to Study 

HCS  https://texreg.sos.state.tx.us/public/readtac$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=5&ti=40&pt=1&ch=9&sch=D&rl=Y



Books and Breakfast at the Ridgefield Library

HCS/TxHmL-Provider Applicant Test Study Material (Update)

Some additional helpful study material prior to taking the HCS Provider Applicant Test, are listed below.

HCS/TxHmL Interpretive Guidance Booklet  (as Required byHouse Bill (H.B.) 3720, 87thLegislature, 2021)

This guidance booklet was meant to assist providers and surveyors with surveyor expectations and considerations when handing out administrative penalties for violations of the certification principles 

HCS & TxHmL Joint Training Opportunities HHSC website page  (Please see free webinars that review the 9 major certification principles from the HCS TAC code.  These principles are also noted in the HCS Handbook and the new Interpretive Guidance Booklet)

For additional information on the Joint Training Opportunities webinars or requesting a link to pre-recorded webinars you may have missed, please   email LTCRJointTraining@hhs.texas.gov



*In addition don’t forget the primary study material is the:  HCS Handbook, the HCS TAC, and for TxHmL TAC for those also taking the TxHmL test.

HCS/TxHmL-Provider Applicant Training (PAT) and Provider Applicant Test (Update)


“My application was accepted to become an HCS &/or TxHmL Waiver Provider, now what do I do?”


Online Training FAQ’s
How can I access the HHS Learning Portal?
Once your Contract Manager has informed you via email of your approved application, you will receive an email approving your application with a link to the HHS Portal, and the Program Manager will have to create an account to complete the training. Please contact IDDWaiverContractEnrollment@hhsc.state.tx.us, or call 512-438-3234 to confirm with your assigned Contract Manager.
What are the steps to complete the training?
• Once you set up your new account, find and select the Medicaid Long Term Services and Support Training under “Course Categories.”
• Select the Provider Applicant Training (PAT) link. The training is compiled in three different steps. Helpful tips are available on this page.
Step 1: Important to know Before you Get Started
➢ Fill out the Provider Applicant Training (PAT) Information form. This form must be completed to access the introduction and the training modules.
Step 2: Training Modules
➢ Each module must be completed to advance to the next module.
Step 3: Evaluation and Certificate
Complete the mandatory survey to gain access to the Provider Applicant Training Certificate
Make sure to save your certificate of completion
➢ You will be notified via email of your test dates
How many modules are in the course?
There are 12 modules.
How long can I take to complete the training?
The training can be completed at your own pace.
Note: The program manager will not be allowed to take the test until the training has been completed and a certificate of completion has been generated.
How long do I have to complete the test?
You will have 40 minutes to complete the test. No additional time will be allotted.
May I change my answers?
Yes, but only within the 40 minutes allotted.
How do I get my score?
The system will grade your test immediately after completing it.
The program manager passed the test, what is the next step?
Your HHS Contract Manager will contact you via email to explain the next steps, which will include scheduling a pre-award site visit.

Is there a retake if I failed the test?
There will be two opportunities to take the test. If you fail a second time you will be required to retake the training
.After completion of the training you will have an opportunity for a third test.
If you do not pass the third test attempt, please submit a new application if you would still like to become a provider.
** DO NOT submit a copy of the previously denied application. Previously denied applications submitted will be rejected and cause a significant delay in your enrollment. To reapply, visit our resources found on our website, along with instructions on how to fill out the forms  For more information see the link below:

HCS Provider Applicant- Provider Applicant Training (PAT) and Test

Start studying now, if you haven’t already!!

Remember to get prepared and please study. You may have been waiting a long time to test, but I know that applicants sometimes don’t study as much as they need to, to take the test.  If you have come this far, you do not want to fail the test and have to start all over again!  Please contact us if you need help in preparing for the test.  We do provide services such as study prep sessions, practice tests, etc… 

Be sure to study the HCS Handbook and the Texas Administrative Codes for HCS (& TxHmL if you applied for this certification as well).     See links below:

Go to this site.  These sections are the HCS Handbook and are a “non-legalize” explanation of the HCS Texas Administrative Code.  They also tell you who is responsible for what. LIDDA Vs. Provider.   But your specific questions for the test will most likely be coming from the HCS TAC code.  This is just a better explanation to make you understand those rules.


New Revised TAC (Texas Administrative Code) for HCS

(Home & Community Based Services) was put into effect in October 2019.

 Title 40 Part 1 Chapter 9 Subchapter D


Section 9.151 through 9.192.

New Revised TAC (Texas Administrative Code) for TxHmL

(Texas Home Living Waiver was put into effect in October 2019.


 Title 40 Part 1 Chapter 9 Subchapter N 

Section 9.551 through 9.587