June 14th, 2023

In case you have not seen the answers to some of the unanswered questions at the time of the Certification Principles series recorded in 2021, please note you can find those at the Q&A doc below.

HCS/TxHmL Certification Principles Webinar Series Participant Q&A

FYI Current as of 9/22/21*

August 12th, 2021

HCS/TxHmL Certification Principle Interpretive Guidance Series

Starting August 12, 2021, the HCS/ TxHmL Joint Training Program began presenting a series of nine webinars designed to provide interpretive guidance on the HCS and TxHmL Principles of Certification, as outlined in the Texas Administrative Code.

You may click on the links to previously recorded trainings below to watch any of the nine sessions on Certification Principles from the Texas Administrative Codes.

Certification Principle Trainings

 These modules are designed to provide interpretive guidance on the certification principles found in TAC Title 40, Part 1, chapter 9.

E-mail LTCR Joint Training for a transcript of any of the recordings below.