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January 2023 Webinars


Core-VA Solutions “Virtual Healthcare Assistants For LTC Programs”

Virtual Healthcare Assistants Services and Training for Long-Term Care Programs, including HCS, TxHmL, and ICF

Free Webinar Series Hosted By: Twogether Consulting (1/10/22 from noon-1pm)


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Twogether Consulting is happy to have Brittney Russo-COO (Chief Operations Officer) from Core-VA Solutions to discuss her company’s “virtual assistant” services.
Core-VA Solutions provides virtual assistance for any type of long-term healthcare setting, whether it be for a small medical office or therapy office or HCS provider. All of our virtual assistants have a degree in nursing and/or health-related fields.

Core-VA is able to serve clients all over Texas and beyond. Some of the clients these virtual assistants work with are those in HCS, TxHmL, and also other IDD programs. This includes assisting with EVV and TMHP billing. Brittney’s team is able to provide appropriate training to her staff to cater to some of your specific needs, including persons with experience in the HCS/TxHmL programs providing some of that training and the IT solutions which they can learn to use using IT fundamentals here to learn for this. They have “virtual assistants” versed in the use of quite a few electronic health records software such as Taskmaster Pro, Focus, and other EHR and billing software. This is a wonderful resource for HCS/TxHmL providers for sure! This is especially true for some of you, who are brand-new HCS/TxHmL providers. Core-VA serves many different clients in other lines of Long-Term Health Services, but it is so nice to have help from a virtual assistant who understands the world of HCS/TxHmL!

-Core-VA team Solutions is part of our free webinar series for the month of January 2023!  Click on their postcard below for more information.  Services are available at $10/hr and no contracts.

core va post card

“Core-VA Solutions aims to positively change how your long-term healthcare facility operates with our virtual assistants with degrees in nursing and/or health-related fields. We understand that you may currently waste precious time and money completing tedious tasks such as medical reception, appointment scheduling, insurance authorization, receiving and submitting medical information, and so much more. Instead of hiring expensive employees to complete these much-needed tasks, hire our affordable virtual assistants instead, as we can provide you with the same level of service, at a fraction of the price. All you have to do is let us know how we can help, and our team will find the perfect assistant match for your facility!”


 “Support & Empowerment Program For Persons With IDD & Their Caregivers”


Twogether Consulting is happy to have Diana Chavarria from AACOG discuss an amazing program offered via a grant from TCDD (Texas Council For Developmental Disabilities).  This is a wonderful resource for IDD providers, Caregivers of persons with IDD and persons with IDD.  Dianne is part of our free webinar series for the month of January 2023!

Free Webinar Series Hosted By: Twogether Consulting (1/17/22 from noon-1pm)

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The Program Provides Support & Empowerment For Individuals and Their Caregivers Concerning The Following:
-General Health and Aging
-Aging With Specific Syndromes (i.e. Down Syndrome)
-Nutrition & Physical Fitness
-Financial Wellness
-Benefits and Employment
-Planning For The Future
-Mental Wellness
-Coping With A Diagnosis
-Crisis Management



Some Of Our Previously Recorded Free Webinars of Interest

Here is a link to a short, introductory video about the HRST:

Topic:  Health Risk Screening Tool

HRST  (Health Risk Screening Tool) is an assessment tool that can identify & detect health risks in vulnerable populations. This tool and other services offered by HRS are based on person-centered practices. Here is a little more information about HRS from their website. The Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) identifies and tracks health risks in vulnerable populations, making it possible to design a plan tailored to meet the unique health and safety needs of each individual in the least restrictive setting. The instrument can objectively justify resources allocated both financially and in service intensity. Used by Case Managers, supervisors, and direct support professionals. HRS also helps the provider to comply with CMS Rules and assist with Person-Centered planning and continuity of care.  It is field-tested, reliable, and user-friendly

“Health Risk Screening, Inc.’s roots began in 1992. Along with training courses, webinars, and materials, HRS is the sole developer, producer, and distributor of the web-based Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST). The HRST is the most widely used and validated health risk screening instrument for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

HRS was established on the principles of person-centered practices. Our founder, Karen Green McGowan was a pioneer in the early formative days of the person-centered movement..  Our focus is on developing tools and training for the person-centered support of vulnerable populations. Through the education of government agencies and service providers, we have helped improve people’s lives. Along with training courses, webinars and materials, HRS is the sole developer and distributor of the web-based Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST). The HRST is the most widely used and validated health risk screening instrument for people with disabilities.”

For more information, please contact  Hillary Gaytan at:  Phone: 727.754.9539
You can also go to their website: 

Check out this great page they have devoted to COVID-19 Resources



Guest presenter:

Patrick Lane  (PCT Mentor & Trainer)

From:  HRS

Date: Thursday -November 12th, 2020  (Session ended)

Time:  11am-12pm (Central Time)

Cost:  Free!!!

Where:  See recorded link below:

Topic:  Person-Centered Services 

Patrick will be talking about some of the Person-Centered Services offered at HRS including software that helps the provider develop Person-Centered Descriptions. These can be used as a resource for making annual plans Person-Centered by using these same person-centered skills practiced in PCT sessions. 

“Person-Centered Planning Training is designed to help you approach support from a more holistic angle, with person-centered practices that respect the autonomy of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities while providing them with the highest possible level of care.”

Improve The Quality of Life

  • Balancing personal choice with personal responsibility by establishing and maintaining things that are important to the person with things that are important for the person
  • Being integrated in one’s community so that the person is known and respected for her or his contributions.
  • Being respectfully communicated with as a person, using language consistent with being a typical adult as opposed to using clinical or system language
  • Receiving support that is consistent so that new staff and others know and respect the person’s values and choices, as well as how others can help the person.
  • Being matches with staff, housemates, or others that the person making life more enjoyable.
You can contact Patrick at:     For more info about HRS PCT services, please see the following link:

Guest presenter:

Steve Cardie

From:     Abundant Health

Date: Tuesday -November 17th, 2020  (Session ended)

Time:  Noon-12:45 pm (Central Time)

Cost:  Free!!!

Where:  See link to the recorded session below:

Topic:  Cellular Blood Pressure Monitoring System   (Free To Medicare Patients!)  

Abundant Health is the distributor of a remote blood pressure monitoring system for Medicare patients that is the best on the market. It is the only FDA approved cellular blood pressure monitor. It makes it easy to report regular blood pressure monitoring to your physician with little to no effort and proving complete HIPPA compliance.  The system is much like your standard wrist BPM cuff, but it has a SIM card in it that reports all data instantly to your physician and can supply records that can be printed out by the client or facility for the individual’s records.  This would be a great system as well for individuals living in their own family home or in a host home setting that may want to be as independent as possible or may cut down on needing as much staff assistance and/or supervision.  Abundant Health works with providers, clinics, hospitals, and physicians across the country.   Here is a quote from one of them:

“Our new Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor System connects automatically to cell towers and transmits your patient’s information directly to your practice. This device makes it simple for seniors who tend to be more technology challenged to utilize Medicare’s RPM program without the difficulty of connecting to cell phones or the internet. No passwords, no Bluetooth, no internet connections required.

The rapid advance of medical device design plus an enormous upgrade in telecommunications makes Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) suddenly possible for virtually everyone. Anywhere.  In November 2018 CMS officially approved three new billing codes for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).  The telehealth industry experts agree that this is the biggest financial incentive to date in the history of digital medicine.”

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