November 2nd, 2023

HHSC Now Posting EVV Known Issues and Resolutions

Vol. 1 (Last updated on 10/18/2023)

The Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) has recently received feedback from Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) about ways to enhance their user experience of the HHAeXchange system. The topics listed in this article highlight the most frequently occurring issues that EVV users have identified as areas in which they require additional support.


-HHAeXchange System EVV Services Details Missing
-EVV Service Providers With an Older Version of the HHAeXchange Mobile Application (App)
-Large Number of Visits Pending Confirmation
-Mobile App and HHAeXchange System Times Not Matching
-Clocking In and Out Multiple Times During Night Shifts
-HHAeXchange Credentials/ Access Issues (System and Mobile App)
-HHAeXchange Learning Management System (LMS) Credentials/ Access Issues

Service providers and agencies must refer to the latest HHSC EVV PCS Service Bill Codes Table and EVV HHCS Service Bill Codes Table for narrative descriptions of the available bill codes.

Service providers must download the newest version (currently v23.10.03) of the HHAeXchange+ mobile app and check regularly for updates. The forced update function has been enabled so that future updates will be pushed directly to the user. Older versions of the app will no longer be supported after October 11, 2023.

Refer to the HHAeXchange update page for more information.

HHAeXchange will provide training to service providers on how to resolve automatic verification issues through Lunch and Learn sessions and a job aid. Refer to the training page on the HHAeXchange Texas Info Hub for upcoming Lunch and Learn training opportunities and to review the Call Dashboard recorded training.

Providers can email HHAeXchange at to have their credentials resent or for guidance on accessing the LMS test. Include the Agency name and NPI when submitting a request.

For questions or more information about HHAeXchange, email

For general questions about EVV, email TMHP at