Clarification: No EVV For In-Home DH (3 & 4-bed Homes or Host Homes)
September 11, 2020

HHSC is issuing this guidance from CMS to Home and Community-based Services program providers. It clarifies electronic visit verification requirements for in-home day habilitation.

All service events occurring on or after Dec. 1, 2020, for an EVV-required service, must be captured in the EVV system and accepted into the EVV Aggregator.

EVV is not required for In-Home Day Habilitation provided to someone in a:

  • Three or four-person home
  • Host home
  • Companion care residential setting

EVV is only required for the following services:

  • Community First Choice Personal Assistance Services/Habilitation
  • In-Home Day Habilitation in own home or family home settings
  • In-Home Respite in own home or family home settings

See IL 20-07 Electronic Visit Verification in the HCS and TxHmL Program (PDF) for information about EVV requirements.

Additional Guidance on Day Habilitation Services

Program providers billing claims for In-Home Day Habilitation services requiring EVV will continue to use the current claims procedure code, T2020. The EVV Service Bill Codes Table lists this code on the HHS EVV website.

HHSC is developing separate bill codes for Out-of-Home Day Habilitation and will provide guidance before implementing the new codes.

Email with questions.

No EVV For In-Home DH: 3 & 4-bed Homes or Host Homes

August 20th, 2020

HHSC just informed the three IDD associations that it received clarification from CMS that EVV will not be required for in-home day habilitation delivered in a three- or four-bed home or host home. HHSC will send notice regarding this to all affected stakeholders.   This does however mean that In-Home DH provided in an individual’s “Own Family Home” will still require staff to utilize EVV.


CURES Act EVV Training is Underway for HCS/TxHmL Providers

Program providers and FMSAs affected by the Cures Act EVV expansion must complete EVV policy and EVV Portal training before Dec. 1, 2020, and then annually. See the EVV Required Training Checklist (PDF) for more information.

To meet the training requirement, program providers and FMSAs attending these webinars must:

  1. Register for Session 1.
  2. Register for Session 2.
  3. Attend both sessions from start to finish.

To register, click the links below:



Additional Training Opportunities

Program providers and FMSAs can also meet training requirements by completing computer-based training online in the HHSC Learning Portal and TMHP Learning Management System. HHSC and TMHP are planning additional live training events this fall and will provide more information when available.

Email TMHP for questions about registration or the EVV Portal.

Email questions about EVV training requirements.

 For more Cures Act information, visit the HHS EVV Cures Act webpage.


If you miss the EVV training dates, you may take them on the HHSC learning portal:


Please go to HHSC’s page on Electronic Visit Verification for the latest information/ updates to EVV.  Please see Training & Joint Training pages from HHSC as well!

Updated Timeline for Cures Act EVV Expansion     

The updated timeline for expanding the Cures Act EVV requirement to all Medicaid personal care services is now available on the HHS Cures Act EVV website.

The timeline includes new information and resources about the EVV Practice Period beginning July 1, completing training requirements, and more.

This information is for Cures Act program providers and FMSAs (PDF) required to use Electronic Visit Verification by Jan. 1, 2021.

For questions, contact EVV.


New EVV Proprietary System Onboarding Documents Available

TMHP has posted new information about the EVV proprietary system onboarding process on the TMHP EVV Proprietary Systems webpage.

The documents located in the Onboarding section provide an overview of the approval process that a program provider or FMSA must complete before using their own EVV proprietary system. For more information, refer to the article on the TMHP EVV website (PDF).



Trainings Available:

EVV Policy Training (Provided by your payer)

  • The HHSC EVV Policy computer-based training (CBT).
  • The MCO Policy training. Contact your MCO for EVV Policy training opportunities.

EVV Aggregator and EVV Portal Training (Provided by TMHP)

There will also be instructor-led trainings (EVV Roadshow) in October. Find the schedule and register on the HHS Learning Portal.

Additional training resources are available on the HHSC EVV website and the TMHP EVV Provider Training webpage.

For questions about this alert, email


Online, interactive EVV training courses are available

in the HHS Learning Portal and TMHP Learning Management System. Completing these courses help program providers meet EVV training requirements.

The HHS Learning Portal includes training about HHSC EVV Policy.

The TMHP Learning Management System includes training about:

  • EVV Vendor Selection
  • EVV Portal
  • EVV Portal Standard Reports and Search Tools
  • EVV Claims Submission and Billing