June 14, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Meghan Jones

“The Host Home/Companion Care Provider &The Nurse”

(For HCS Program Only)
Date:  June 14th, 2021   
Time:  10AM-12:00 PM
Cost: $55/person
For:  HH/CC Providers, Nursing Staff, Quality Assurance Staff, Program Managers, Administrators, Care Coordinators
Presenters:   Julie Blacklock/IDD Waiver Consultant   & Co-presenter-Gina Peterson/RN Consultant)

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Often a Host Home/Companion Care (HH/CC) provider for the HCS Program, may not really understand what is expected of them from the Nursing staff. Our goal is to give you a better understanding of what the nurse needs and why it is required by the HCS program. 


-You may be a Nurse who doesn’t really know what your responsibilities are for your individuals receiving HH/CC.  Perhaps you are new or never received training specifically in this area.  Maybe surveyors are indicating that your facility has some systemic problems in terms of monitoring nursing and health services for persons receiving HH/CC appropriately.  Our goal is to also speak to the RN in this session to ensure they understand what they are responsible for when working with individuals who receive HH/CC services.  

In Addition

– If you are also an HH/CC provider who is the CRA (Client’s Responsible Adult) for an individual, what does that mean in terms of responsibilities?



-What is the interaction between the HH/CC and the nurse and why do you even have to interact with each other?

-What does the nurse expect of a HH/CC provider, if the individual does have nursing services?  

-What type of paperwork will HH/CC Provider be expected to turn in and why? Incident/Injury Reports, Medication Errors, MARS, PRN sheets, Controlled Med Counts, Medical Appt. Consults, etc…

-Who gets the general paperwork and medical paperwork the HH/CC provider is responsible for and who has the right to look at these documents turned in?

-Where does the HH/CC Provider document?  Incident/Injury Reports, Medication Error Form, MARS (Medication Administration Review Sheets), Treatment Sheets or Significant Observations Sheets/Data Sheets, etc…

-What is appropriate documentation?  Ensuring documentation is accurate, timely, and not fraudulent.

-Will the nurse or other Provider Representative have to go to the home and how often does this occur?

-What if the HH/CC Provider is also the CRA (Client’s Responsible Adult?  What does this mean and what are the responsibilities of the Nurse and the HH/CC Provider? 

We invite you to register and attend the following webinar presentation for more information on CRA responsibilities: “RN Agreement With The CRA” on May 16th, 2021


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