October 20, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Free Webinar
Meghan Jones

Free Webinar Series Hosted By: Sunovion Pharmaceuticals


Twogether Consulting is happy to have Sunovion Pharmaceuticals as a guest presenter in our free webinar series this month.  Keith James Long Term Care Specialist for Sunovian and their special guest, Nanette Wrobel- Director of Education/Business Development for Tarrytown Pharmacy will be presenting information on the drug treatment, Latuda, and the possible benefits for individuals in ICF facilities or other programs with Group Home Settings (Includes HCS or DD waiver program in other states), who have IDD as well as a co-occurring mental health diagnosis of Bipolar Depression


Please let us know if you would like to be contacted after this webinar by Keith from Sunovian or Nanette from Tarrytown Pharmacy.

Sunovian’s Mission: “To broadly contribute to society through value creation based on innovative research and development activities for the betterment of health care and fuller lives of people worldwide.”

Guest presenters:

Nanette Wrobel, RPh/Director of Education/Business Development for Tarrytown Pharmacy (Austin, Tx)                                                                  Consultant of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Representative: Keith James 

Contact info:  530-864-3119  Keith.James@sunovion.com


Date: October 20th, 2021 

(This was originally scheduled for Sept. 23rd.  We apologize for this change, however, Sunovion wanted to allow more time for people to register as this will be presented to providers in Texas and nationally  Thank you so much for your patience!)

Time:  Noon-1pm (Central Time)

Cost:  Free!!!

Where:  Webinar

Handouts available for download:   

Handout #1
Handout #2: 

Bipolar Depression and Quality of Life:

Treatment Goals and Challenges in ICF/GH Settings

This presentation focuses on a discussion of bipolar depression with the following objectives:

Reviewing the symptomology of bipolar depression, including the significance of bipolar depressive episodes and associated risks and patient burdens with this disease

-Prioritizing treatment goals, such as decreasing depressive symptoms, such as allowing for functional goals, and improving overall quality of life

-Discussion of a treatment option with a favorable efficacy, safety, and tolerability profile for the right patient

-Identifying potential clients that may benefit from the use of an atypical antipsychotic such as Latuda

-Discussion of the once-daily dosing options of Latuda and dosing strengths, as well as important safety information

For more information contact:

Keith James MBA, RRT, RCP
Long Term Care Specialist
Mobile: 530-864-3119     Keith.james@sunovion.com

You may also go to their website at: Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

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 You may contact us if you have any questions at:  Meghan Jones at meghanjones.tx.com or Ph: 361-649-5104