April 25, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Meghan Jones


“Care Coordination Part II: Developing The Implementation Plan Using Person-Centered Practices” (HCS/TxHmL)

Part 2 of 5 of Care Coordination Series: Presented By Twogether Consulting

Date: April 25th, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM

Cost: $65

For:  HCS Provider Applicants, Administrators. Program Managers, Case Managers/Care Coordinators, Nursing Staff, Quality Assurance Staff

Presenter:  Julie Blacklock/IDD Waiver Consultant

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Description:  This class is designed for new HCS/TxHmL providers as well as new staff involved in providing care coordination for the HCS/TxHmL provider (i.e. Program Manager, Case Manager/Care Coordinator, and Nurses).  This webinar can also be helpful for new Service Coordinators (SC’s) at the Local IDD Authorities (LIDDAS) in the HCS Waiver Program. This training is appropriate for anyone who will be part of the team planning and implementing services for the individuals in the HCS & TxHmL programs.  Knowing who is responsible for what, when, and why.  Twogether Consulting developed this session originally as part of a live training done with HHSC, as well as some of the LIDDAS, and over the past 4 or 5 years, we have adapted it into part of our Care Coordination Series via webinar and for our live presentations. 

This is a great session for those providing oversight and quality assurance for these programs as well. This webinar was developed with the goal to assist providers in understanding how to develop an individual’s Implementation Plan (IP) and how to do that using person-centered practices. We also wanted to ensure the  HCS & TxHmL providers understood how the PDP relates to the IP and what the purpose for each one of these documents is in terms of the individual’s overall “plan” for what they “desire” and/or “need”.



Balancing Wants With Needs of The Individual: Person-Centered Practices

-Who is Responsible For PDP?

-Definition & Purpose of PDP

–How Does The PDP Relate To The IP

Utilizing “Action Plans” From PDP

-Who is Responsible For IP?

-Definition & Purpose of IP

-How Do I Develop & Document The IP? 

(Objectives/Strategies/Justifications of Unit Amounts)

-What Is The Role of The Nurse in IP Development?

Samples of Person-Centered  IP’s

-What Are Back-Up Plans?

-Creating “Back Up” Plans

Samples of “Back-Up” Plans

–When Do I Revise the IP?

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To complete registration and for any additional information or to arrange payment by check you must contact:

Meghan Jones at: meghanjones.tx@gmail.com 

You may contact Meghan by phone at: (361) 649-5104   

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