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New Providers, Please Take These Trainings

The e-learning portal.
This is where Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation Training ( the ANE training) for you and your staff is. All staff at the facility should take this at least initially and maybe every 1-2 years
1. The portal also has direct service worker training (good for all your SL, RSS, CFC staff in particular)
2. Program Manager and Owner are required to take the HHS Contractors training.
3.  I would also have Program Manager, Case and Nurse as well as anyone else involved in developing the IP’s, like the RN, take the Person-Centered Training.  CFC rules mandate that persons involved in the development of the PDP and IP take Person-Centered Thinking Training.  Currently, this should be done within a year of their hire date or in that position at your facility. There is also an introductory training on the site for those working with the individuals and implementing the IP- Direct Support Workers, Families, Individuals, LAR’s/Guardians.
4. There is a short introductory Person-Centered training as well in there for direct support staff and HH/CC providers and family.  Your course is the one with the extensive modules to complete.
5.  These are the courses you should take below and they are all free.