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September 21st, 2021

Updated CDC Guidance for LTC Facilities on Accessing COVID-19 Vaccine – Sept. 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently updated resources for long-term care facilities on how to help residents and staff access COVID-19 vaccines:

September 21st, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Status Not a Requirement for Services

In accordance with Governor Abbott’s Executive Order No. GA-39, providers must not require clients to provide documentation of their COVID-19 vaccine status as a condition to receive any Texas Medicaid service.

September 15th, 2021

Update: Getting COVID-19 Vaccines-ICF/IID

Nursing, assisted living, and intermediate care facility staff and residents who want to receive the first, second or third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine may use the options below.

Contact the HHSC LTCR Regional Director in the region where the facility is located. Request a mobile vaccination clinic at your facility. The mobile vaccination clinic can administer first, second, or third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and staff. Facilities may need to make alternate arrangements for staff and residents to receive any more doses after the vaccination clinic.

Enroll as a DSHS COVID-19 Vaccine Provider. Once registration is complete, vaccine providers can request vaccines. Email COVID-19 Vaccination Enrollment or call the DSHS COVID-19 Vaccine Provider hotline at 877-835-7750 with questions. Read the DSHS Vaccine FAQs for more information.

Contact the pharmacy or vaccine supplier. Coordinate directly with your COVID-19 vaccine supplier to schedule vaccine administration for those who want the vaccine.

Use the following to locate vaccines:

CMS Adds COVID-19 Vaccination to ICF Rules (QSO-21-21-ICFIID)

August 27th, 2021

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued Quality Safety & Oversight Memo QSO-21-21-ICFIID (PDF). The memo announces the addition of COVID-19 vaccine immunization-related requirements. This includes:

  • New requirements for educating a person or their representatives as well as staff on the benefits and potential side effects with the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Offering the vaccine.

From DSHS website July 19th, 2021

How to Become a COVID‑19 Vaccinator

. Any facility, organization, or healthcare provider licensed to possess or administer vaccines or provide vaccination services is eligible to enroll through DSHS.

The first step to becoming a COVID‑19 vaccine provider is registering through

Only providers registered through this site can receive and administer COVID‑19 vaccine in Texas.

For questions about registration, please call the DSHS COVID‑19 Vaccine Provider hotline at (877) 835-7750, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or email

Watch a joint video message from TMA President Dr. Fite and DSHS Commissioner Dr. Hellerstedt on COVID‑19 vaccine provider enrollment.

Registration Process 

Each facility or location, including those that are part of a hospital system or clinic network, must register at, complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID‑19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement and list the healthcare providers at that location that would be responsible for vaccination.

It is recommended to use the Google Chrome internet browser to complete the COVID‑19 Provider Agreement.

For example, each hospital in a hospital system must complete a registration separately and list vaccine providers there.

More information on the CDC requirements is below.

After Registration

After completing enrollment, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Once approved, you will receive another email confirming your status as a COVID‑19 vaccine provider.

August 15th, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Data Reporting Rule:  ICF

HHSC Long-term Care Regulation has published a revised version of the COVID-19 Vaccination Data Reporting Rule (PDF). The rule now includes Emergency Communication System Enrollment for Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions.

The rule requires facilities to report COVID-19 vaccination data within 24 hours and enroll in an emergency communication system. HHSC will inform facilities when they can begin enrollment.

The rule became effective Aug. 11.


February 23rd, 2021

IDD Vaccine Plan Approved (HCS/TxHmL/ICF)

Good News! The plan for Tarrytown Expocare to provide the COVID vaccine to persons receiving services through the ICF/IID, HCS and TxHmL programs has been approved. This includes staff and paid caregivers. The plan applies to those who have yet to receive the vaccine through either the federal pharmacy partnership program or other sources.
The three IDD associations will meet to discuss logistics.  I believe this is set to be implemented as of March 8, 2021.

February 12th, 2021


Today DSHS reported it has finalized its presentation of the Tarrytown Expocare vaccine plan that the three IDD associations, Tarrytown and DSHS have been working on for many weeks.  DSHS says the plan will be presented to DSHS Vaccine Leadership and the Commissioner today and also the Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel (EVAP) at its next meeting Monday morning.  They expect to present this plan to the Governor’s Office Monday evening at which point DSHS feels it will have a final answer as to whether the plan is approved. Currently, we are not sure when it will be approved.
**This plan was developed using data the three IDD associations obtained from their respective members which include number of vaccines needed in both ICF/IID and HCS/TxHmL programs.  Thank you for all the work our IDD associations do for providers and individuals in the program!)
  • HHSC has not made a decision whether this same reporting requirements ICF requires, will be established for the HCS/TxHmL program.

February 12th, 2021                                                                  Image result for very important clipart free


HHSC will soon release emergency rules and a Provider Letter related to the process it will use to identify which facilities (staff and residents) have already received the vaccine.

A stand-alone webinar on the requirement will also be held.  Here is the link to draft Provider Letter and draft emergency rules 
(So remember to update your policies and procedures for COVID-19 /infection control policies and procedures!!!)
ICF/IID providers will be required to complete a survey indicating how many residents and staff have received the vaccine (1st, 2nd, or both doses).  The survey will be open for at least the duration of the emergency rule, requiring providers to add any new information about the status of the vaccines given  This will allow providers to report 2nd doses given if such was not reflected in a provider’s first data entry (that is provided the individual received a 2-dose vaccine.  Some vaccines will only have 1 dose- i.e. Astrozenica), or to report receipt of newly first-doses given.
After this three week period, HHSC will reconcile the data to identify where gaps exist. This process will include contacting providers as needed to confirm the information reported through the survey.  HHSC anticipates the reconciliation process taking 2 or 3 days.
The data will then be sent to DSHS to be used to link providers still in need of the vaccine (whether 1st or 2nd dose) for the individuals they serve and their staff.  This process will take about 2 weeks.  The full process should take 5 weeks total, assuming HHSC completes its reconciliation process in a timely manner and DSHS is able to link providers to a vaccine entity in a speedy and efficient manner.
Other information shared or discussed includes the following:
  • Providers will not be cited on the rule, but it is possible to receive a citation from a desk audit (HHSC did not elaborate on this).
  • The survey does not capture (and is not intended to capture) data on individuals who have opted not to receive the vaccine.
  • Recognizing that not all providers are aware of or are tracking the vaccination status of their staff, providers only need only to report the number of staff of which they are aware have received the vaccine.