May 19, 2021

 Updated CDC Guidance and Governor’s Executive Order GA – 36:  In light of the Governor’s Executive Order GA-36 issued yesterday, HHSC and DSHS were asked when providers would receive notice of not only the updated CDC Guidance issued last week and its impact on the programs they operate (including the DSHS Day Habilitation Guidance), but also Executive Order GA-36 .  Below are the responses from HHSC received.

HHSC: “We are currently working through the implications of Executive Order GA-36 and the CDC guidance. As soon as we have information that we can share, we will.”
DSHS:  “I actually just followed up with Dr. Shuford regarding the day habilitation checklist, and she shared with me just half-hour ago that we (DSHS) are a little bit on hold as CDC is working on updating some of their guidance documents. She thinks we may have some more information from them by end of this week, hopefully, which will be incorporated in the updated DSHS guidelines….”   They agreed to keep the provider groups posted on what they hear  “…re: moving forward with the day habilitation checklist/guidance document.”
Governor’s Oder
Texas Tribune Article
REMINDER:  Last Friday HHSC told a group of IDD stakeholders that until it completes its review of the updated CDC Guidance (related to fully vaccinated persons not having to wear masks), compliance with current ICF/IID and HCS rules regarding masks is required.  For more information about the updated guidance go to: