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August 21st, 2023

Twogether Consulting strives to find a variety of good resources for our IDD providers and hope that ADP may be able to help some of you out there with Payroll and HR needs.

Our newest contact from ADP is, Sophia Luna. She is the Small Business Consultant For Central Texas.  She is located in the Austin Area, but can help you with your business needs anywhere in Texas  She can assist our HCS/TxHmL/ICF & ISS providers that have 50 or fewer employees, although she is able to refer those with more than 50 employees to an appropriate consultant from ADP.  ADP works with many partners that may be able to help with ADP packages and partners to work with you on your HR concerns such as employee onboarding/new hire process and keeping track of background checks (including monthly OIG/LEIE checks) and tracking employee training-initial and renewal, EVV (Electronic Visit Verification), and assistance with your 1099 contractors.  In addition, some of the other needs we see from our providers are help with finding insurance (they have great insurance brokerage partners) as well as general policies and procedures that ADP can assist with or provide some resources.

Sophia is our main provider liaison with ADP and she also works with other health related programs such as home health agencies, hospice ahd behavioral health programs.  Some of you may also be providers of these services as well, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to her..

Sophia’s contact info: 956-648-1265 and his email is,

Tanner Harmon is our ADP contact for programs with 50 + employees.  You can contact Tanner at 214-802-6966 or his email is



November 15th, 2021

From Stevie Laas at WorldMarket  (ADP Company/Partner):

WorldMarket Platform Overview-Youtube video

1099 Solutions

“When I think of clients in the healthcare industry, we know they are facing a few outside factors:

 With the aging population there is a greater demand for services in nursing facilities and home health

 Healthcare services companies are looking to quickly onboard and maintain talent pools of highly skilled health professionals

 These organizations are facing inefficient and outdated solutions to maintain 1099s resulting in increasing administrative burden

 Due to the nature of this sector, utilizing secure and reliable systems are important to stay in compliance.”

WorkMarket can help in a many ways. A few that stand out:

  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Automated vetting to quickly ensure all workers have up to date and accurate certifications, background checks, etc
  • Streamlined payment process that allows flexibility on payments, as often as daily pay if needed
  • Compliance safeguards
  • Year-end 1099 administrative burden offloaded so the business can focus on generating revenue

I have included a few items that will help give you an overview of WorkMarket. Please see the 2 attachments. This video is also a quick way to highlight what we do for clients. WorkMarket Overview  Keep in mind, the system is very customized so not all clients would need everything outlined in the video. We build it out to be specific to what they need!

Stevi Laas/Enterprise Sales Executive   
Cell: 830 708 3384

WorldMarket At A Glance PDF



September 13th, 2021

ADP  has provided Twogether Consulting and our clients with some new information that many of you may be interested in hearing about, regarding 
 The Summary of the Executive Order from President Biden:  Vaccine Mandate and what it means to employers. 
Below is the ADP link that discusses how they are helping companies track all of what they are expected to put in place, based on the new vaccine mandate
Here is the link to PDF Handout as well:   ADP’s Informational Handout About the Vaccine Mandate From President Biden.  

Employees Returning From COVID-19

As more people continue to return to the workplace, ADP is excited to share tools that are designed to help them, and their people transition back safer, easier, and more effectively. To ensure we are consulting our clients on the best solutions for their business, we are constantly evaluating our preferred vendors. As a result, Twogether Consulting has developed a relationship with ADP where our clients will receive preferred pricing. Our local point of contact, Katie DeMayo, consults with small businesses to streamline their payroll and HR processes, to help them improve their cash flow, retain high-quality employees, and keep businesses in compliance from an HR perspective.

Please check the following items that you would like information on:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Medical and Dental Benefits                                                                                 
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Employee Handbook
  • Workers Comp Insurance Pay as you go system: Helps you manage cash – you pay for what you owe per payroll with NO prepay in advance and no worry of the unknown audits
  • Web-Based Time and Attendance system: Time clocks that interface directly into payroll (eliminate keying)
  • 401k Plan/SEP/Simple IRA plans: We do plan documentation, investing and all necessary year-end reporting
  • Section 125 Premium Only Plan: Pre-tax medical/dental
  • Compliance Posters: Employer mandatory Federal, and State labor law posters

Click here for ADP’s COVID-19 Resource Center

How is ADP addressing Covid-19 with their clients?  See links below:

Don’t forget if you are trying to develop training and policies around Covid-19, ADP can help!!