Survey Process:  Timelines

By May 1, 2019: Implementation of new WS&C survey process for HCS & TxHmL) (trial period)

Began leaving “Statement of Concern’s” as well as draft at survey exit.

By September 1, 2019: Full implementation of new WS&C survey process for HCS & TxHmL.

Will only leave “statement of concern” at survey exit!

Summary of Billable Guideline Proposed Changes

Please go to the following link for a summary of proposed changes to BG’s from HHSC Presentation April 2019:

We are still waiting on the proposed HCS Billing Guidelines to take effect, that were revealed by HHSC in April of 2019. Not sure when or if these proposed changes are still happening before the end of the year. Clarifications to HCS and TxHmL guidelines for Adaptive Aids including changes to Appendix VI (HCS) and Appendix IV (TxHmL) will be a big part of those changes in the BG’s. Please be looking for those changes very soon!!! 

Here is a direct link to the draft proposed rules from the State of Texas March 2019 archive.

HHSC Provider User Guide (CARE)       

Please go to the following link: